Great surprise series

  • I found this completely by surprise of funimation and I definitely enjoyed it. While having seen several anime take on the idea of being trapped in a video game, like sao and log horizon, this instead makes it work like actual real world logic, that things don't just happen, that they have to physically earn/make things like they would in the real world.

    Plus it's not the action but the story and characters that make this story compelling. The harsh reality of mortality, friendships being tested, the surge of flight or fight. It all makes this anime far more believable to the characters, like being in their footsteps, questioning the moralities of their actions.

    The only down side with this series, is that it feels like this is merely the set up, the first arc if you will. Yet that in itself is what makes the show so enjoyable, that there is no over obvious stereotype characters, there is no great big bad villain orchestrating every action or the culprit for why they are there. It is its own thing, which is what it sets out to do and achieves.

    So I hope a season 2 may come one day, if not, its a great series and one I hope others enjoy too. I'm the sort of person who likes a conclusion with clear endings for characters, but even I am happy with this show if this is it's true finale.

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