ReBoot, the original CGI cartoon.

  • Hello, I wanted to ask who else remembered watching ReBoot when it aired in the 90's or has ever watched it.

    It's an animated show that I cherish since I grew up with it and it was on every Wednesday or Friday after school. It's a show that progressively changed to reflect the audience that grew up with it, so when season 3 came out it was darker, edgier but it was a fantastic change that made the show even better.

    For those who may not have heard of it, it was the first ever full CGI cartoon ever made for television. The story is about Mainframe, a city that is in fact the inside of a computer, with the characters and environment reflecting the inner workings of cyber space/computer.

    Bob, the main character, is a guardian sent to protect the city from viruses, like Megabyte and Hexadecimal, who seek to corrupt the net. Along with dealing with two viruses, Bob must also win games from the user, an unknown entity who sends games into the system and is responsible for creating the net, along with the viruses.

    I still remember the finale episode of season two when it aired with the cliffhanger ending and waiting for the third season to air. Then I was thrilled that season 3 was not only back, it had better animation, a darker/maturer story and immense character development that worked so well. Then the show was cancelled in the uk before the last 5 eps could be aired, so for many years I thought ReBoot had just been another show that was killed before its end.

    Then with the turn of 2000, I found that there was not only the rest of season 3 but two movies that made a fourth season. So I was over joyed that it was not only back, but there was a continuation of the story. For me it will always have a special place as a great show, even with its flaws and now inaccuracy to how computers now run/operate.

    So I wanted to ask who you're favourite characters are? What did you think of the story? Is there a moment that you absolutely loved above all others?

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