forum ploblems

  • when i use google chrome or microsoft edge to try to post it keeps saying
    i need to log in i log in and go back and i get logged out aging im having to
    use fire fox witch i dont like i put a tiket in last week they said to make a user
    profile witch i already have i told them it dint work and havent heard back since
    if anyone knows how to fix let me know thank you

  • @torker666 I've had the same issue for over a year and they haven't done anything. Don't think they'll care until it's a big problem for a lot of people.

  • it's a problem with the combined login for the forum and FunimationNow.

    You usually have to log out of whichever you are logged in to and then clear cache and cookies then log in from the main page.

    They don't seem eager to fix the problem.

  • thanks that work

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