Who would be the Best Celebrity to have a Anime basic on him?

  • We seen Cartoon and Anime try to make show basic on Real People like (Jackie Chan Aventures for Example) into there own cool story. What Celebrity does not madder what there Occupation is do you think could have a great Anime Story Basic on a real life celebrity and turn into a cool fun story?

  • My Pick would be

    The Undertaker!

    So much you can do with The Undertaker (Real Name: Mark Calaway) he already an over character in the WWE for over 20 years.


    0_1523487654675_undertaker power 3.gif

    He has power that most wrestler don't have. He can summon lightning. Turn the light on and off. He taken soul. he being burying alive 4 times and came back from all. I think Undertaker would fit in a great anime story.

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