Good to know that CR is doing their part.

  • I have to be honest, i was really trying to hold back from the forums, but, this…

    this takes the cake! >:(

    I recently received this visually obnoxious e-mail from CrunchyRoll:

    0_1523439582264_Gun Gale Online.JPG
    promoting something referenced as “Gun Gale Online”. And i ask, was this really necessary fresh from the horrific carnage in Parkland? I don’t care how “cutesy” they try to make this out to be, this is absolutely NOT the narrative we need right now. To put this out there, especially while families are still grieving the colossal loss of their children, was tremendously insensitive and a punch below the belt. Hopefully, FUNimation will have the sense to take the “higher path” and not have anything to do with this series. Bad enough we had Sword Art Online, now we have this garbage. So, like my title indicates, good to know that CrunchyRoll is doing their part to stem the tide of violence in this Country (sarcasm)

    Wish it was on better terms,

  • Heh it's litteraly the first time I see this complaint. It's an anime in SAO's GGO game PJ. You are being way too sensitive either way. It's heavily inspired by today's popular games. It looks very video gamy and The whole world shouldnt be affected because the US can't regulate their own shit properly. Why should we all get censored because of your mistakes? Because, if I may remind you, Crunchyroll streams worldwide.

    Anyway, it's licensed by Aniplex. FUNi won't do anything with it. It will probably end up on like Netflix dubbed at some point.

    I don't even watch it lol.

  • Yeah, im with Gold on this one. Settle down

  • Seems like a complete non-issue. We can't bury our heads in the sand, there's violence and death all over the world every day of every year. There has been for thousands of years before violent video games and violent movies and violent anime.

  • I was debating if I should answer this or not since I do have some counter points. I'll preface this with these are my opinions and do not represent Funimation or the mod team as a whole.

    First let's get out of the way what you are suggesting is censorship. If Crunchyroll wasn't allowed to license shows because they have guns in them due to political issues that's censorship.

    With that out of the way there's still a few problems even suggesting they should go down the censorship route. Firstly it sounds like you're suggesting the show shouldn't have been made at all. If that's the case the show was confirmed back in October and is based on a series of light novels that started in December 2014 over in Japan (they also follow the Sword Art Online series' Gun Gale Online from the Phantom Bullet arc). Japan doesn't pay attention to what's happening in the US when they decided to Greenlight any part of GGO.
    Secondly at what point does censoring based on tragedies end? For example one of the biggest stories in Canada right now is a truck ran a stop sign on a highway with the Humboldt Broncos team bus crashing into it killing 15 and injuring 14. Does that mean nowhere in the world should be allowed to make a show that involves a bus or truck? Never mind the fact "Truck-kun" killing and injuring anime characters is already a meme.

    Lastly the title implies Crunchyroll (and other entertainment companies) is more responsible for stopping gun violence than the government which is just flat out wrong. I don't think anyone at Crunchyroll is using this show to promote guns mainly because they're playing a tournament game that features guns as the weapon and everyone involved with the guns is a willing participant.

  • I will say this, although i understand the counter-arguments, i still believe more discretion should have been utilized in this case (especially for CR subscribers in the US) the tragedy being a meager two months removed. That said, i still respect the time, energy, and effort of the following contributors: GoldCrusader, Getchman, HOOfan1, and Moderator Doublethree100 for coming on in here and sharing their opinions and have upvoted their posts for that alone.

    Take care,

  • @P.J. 0_1523523921460_vlcsnap-2018-01-21-23h42m58s199.png

  • Wow, it's Farph. Haven't heard from you in quite some time, how have you been? Hoping that this post finds you well.

    Ah, yes. Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun. I've seen it at the bookstore, probably a series that i should look more into.


  • @P.J. Hello PJ. Yes, I still exist on the internet. Sometimes even on this specific section of the internet. Doon good I guess. I found your post well and enjoyed reading it.

    Nokazi is a 12/10 animu I suppose. Good enough to occupy my attention for 2-3 runs. Recommend it to all of the people who enjoy laughing at things, particularly animated narrative fiction.


  • @P.J. said in Good to know that CR is doing their part.:

    Bad enough we had Sword Art Online, now we have this garbage.

    So basically your an SAO hater who has fabricated some ridiculous reason as to why we should be upset about another entry to the SAO universe. FYI this is written by the author of Kino's Journey and not the creator of SAO.

  • Hello Murray 27,

    How are you? Not sure about fabrication, i mean CR sent that message (screenshot i captured above) right to my inbox, i'm not pulling this out of thin air.

    Hoping this post finds you well,

  • @P.J. The image is clipped from the key art for the series. It's the same image being used worldwide for this series.

    alt text

  • @P.J. I didn't think you fabricated the image...also my name is not Murray. (MRy = three random keys I hit when creating this account)

  • People watch action adventure movies with explosions and collateral damage but no one in their right minds would really want to see that happen in REAL LIFE, some enjoy horror movies but they obviously don't really want to see slashers kill innocent people nor monsters killing and eating people in REAL LIFE! others enjoy anime with "Weird" things going on in them but these individuals wouldn't condone such things in REAL LIFE. I really don't understand why immature people want to point fingers at fiction and blame inanimate objects for the really stupid and inconsiderate actions of lunatics.

  • Hello once again Dark Matter,

    How are you? I understand your argument that there is or at least should be a “dividing line” between reality and fantasy. The problem is, when those lines blur like what we witnessed with the infamous 'Joker'. When you see as much incidences (especially in the context of shootings) like we have had recently in the US, i don’t think it is wise to throw gas on an already raging dumpster fire. I would say Hollywood is equally guilty. Every year they continually produce violent movies and, even if subconsciously, i believe that it contributes to a coarsening of society. Now, say you’re a teen from FLA who went through the horror of Parkland. Say that person is also a subscriber to CR. Then they open up their e-mail to be hit with that obnoxious message with guns blazing to transport their mind back to the horrific incident bringing on post-traumatic stress - - not good, at least from my vantage point. Once again, CR should have employed discretion, but didn’t. At the very least, that communication should have been precluded from subscribers in Florida during this trying time.

    Hello once again MRy27,
    Didn’t mean to anger you, with the letters m, r, and y in your handle, i guess my mind equated ‘Murray’ for a name.


  • @P.J. I think your logic is flawed here. If an advertisement about an anime about a FPS video game is going to be the difference in anybody's mental state, they would literally have to completely withdraw from society as a whole. Internet/email wouldn't be a feasible option. Even Cartoon Network runs commercials advertising Nerf with kids shooting each other, and that's actual people rather than animation. Practically no video game anywhere on the planet doesn't use some form of violence as a plot point. Movies are the same. Although there are some which don't use direct violence, there is no story without some form of conflict.

    While I can empathize with the idea of a loss, the existence of these things is not going to change. If the logic you're using were to hold true (limit exposure to anything gun related for residents of Florida while they're "recovering") then it would seem more logical to remove any traces of news coverage of the events in Parkland from the state. Anyone directly effected by those events is definitely going to be much more traumatized by people talking about the actual event on TV than any kind of indirect association they may have to a video game based anime.

    I am not advocating this, but the logic stands. People have a right to be informed of what is going on around them. If they choose to build a wall around themselves to limit that, it's their choice. The vast majority are going to choose to be aware of the issues so they can be prepared. After all, ignorance is only bliss till something goes wrong and you don't know what to do.

  • I've always liked the ironic reversal proposal: if people seriously believe viewing violence will only cause more then we should just play clean G-rated Movies/TV to all the violent individuals and mentally unstable people and then they'll magically turn good due to exposure to all the GOOD things!

  • Hello once again Pleco Breeder,

    How are things going? I would say that there is a bit of difference between a kids nerf commercial with foam darts from CN and this character brandishing what is otherwise a military-grade weapon not unlike what was used in Parkland. Not to mention, the violence feat. in this show is infinitely more profound than any nerf commercial (at least that) i’ve ever seen. (laughs) ;-)

    Of course the news will be disseminated, and that will be what it’s going to be, however, in instances such as this, where people don’t need a ‘Gale Gun Online’ yes, i think it would have been perfectly appropriate for a degree of restraint.

    I think the bottom line is this, i understand that we approach this from diametrically opposed viewpoints (wouldn’t be the first time) (laughs) and i can appreciate that, but, to avoid being hit with Nobu posting a gif (and it will probably already be too late) of the horse being beaten, lol this will most likely be my last post on this matter. If others want to continue the conversation that’s fine, but, i think you know where i stand on this and there is no need for redundancy.

    Hoping that this post finds you well,

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