Having some issues with freely available dubs...

  • I know this isn't exactly the place for it, but I haven't been able to get any help from Customer Support, so I figured I'd go out on a limb and see if anyone else has been having the same problem. Simply put, various freely available dubbed shows are marked as 'Premium Only', and state that I need a subscription to watch them.

    My main issue is with any of the newly released dubbed episodes of One Piece, though it happens with other shows as well. Japanese version works just fine, but the dub is blocked. Ads also seem to not be playing whatsoever. I don't know if this ad problem could be related or not, but it's a possibility.

    I've sent in at least two support tickets. The first gave me a generic copy-paste response stating some nonsense about how my account didn't have a subscription and how most shows aren't available to Free users. (Yeah, no duh. That's kind of the point...) The second was an actual response that seemed promising, but after replying to the email with the extra details they asked for, I just got yet another of that first copy-paste response. I'm left with no way of knowing if they actually got the reply email and are looking into the issue or completely gave up after being 'unable to replicate the issue.'

    I really want to think that it really is just a problem on my end and not the Funimation Customer Support completely throwing me under the bus. I would greatly appreciate some feedback from anyone that's experienced a similar issue, or even better managed to fix a similar issue. It's a real shame, as I don't have the cash to justify getting a subscription to watch what should be freely available shows, and I've been eagerly anticipating these newly dubbed episodes.
    (Again, sorry if this really isn't the time or place, but I'm becoming very frustrated.)

  • Odd, I don't have a subscription either and have no problem viewing the dubbed One Piece videos. Have you tried clearing your cache? Not sure if it will help but it's worth a try

  • Here's a question- where are you? Your location may have an effect on your streaming permissions.

  • @KillerPayback I've tried clearing the cache to no avail, I'm afraid. I've also tried deactivating any browser extensions and the like as well. I haven't tried using another browser just yet, but that's next on my list.

    @Nobu I live in North Carolina. I have to assume East Coast, USA isn't in the realm of location-based streaming problems, considering the fact that a hefty chunk of viewers probably come from this region. What with the major urban areas like New York up north, and even just the bigger cities here in NC like Charlotte and Raleigh. More importantly is the fact that I have never had any problems like these before this started happening, and I have the distinct feeling that Funimation would have given some warning if such a major area was dropped from their streaming permissions.

    Thanks for your suggestions, and for any future ones! I really wish to resolve this problem soon!

  • You can try contacting @FunimationHelp directly on Twitter, and you might get a faster response that way.

  • The only other thing I can think of would be that you or your ISP is using a proxy or VPN from a country not supported for those episdoes. You should look up your IP Address and check where it is located to confirm. You can find your IP Address bu going to ipchicken.com. whatismyipaddress.com/ip-lookup can tell you where your IP addess is located. If it says your are in the US, it could be your current browser or computer.

  • @Ragnawind Thank you for the suggestion to check the IP Address, but unfortunately that's a dead end. My IP Address is appropriately located at my actual location, which should most definitely be within Funimation's streaming permissions as I mentioned earlier.

    @SpacemanHardy I might have to try that when I get the chance. I will have to make a Twitter account, but that is hardly a major dilemma by any means. I just wish I could actually get the appropriate customer support from...well, the legitimate customer support system, but maybe cutting out the middleman of the ticket support system and it's automated responses might be what I need to do to get the help I need. (I refuse to believe those responses aren't either entirely automated or just copy-paste responses.)

    A small update; I have tried a different browser, and it still has the same problem. My normal browser is the current up-to-date version of Google Chrome. I quickly tried the filthy 'Microsoft Edge' browser Microsoft forces upon you with the newer versions of Windows, but to no avail. I suppose I could download and try Firefox next, see if that browser might work. Though, if 2 out of 3 browsers have the same exact problem, I have to assume the problem isn't browser-based.

    I have yet to try watching the shows on a different device, so that might be my next step. It's unfortunate as the only other device I have to use would be my dinky little phone, and I certainly don't want to watch on such a small screen. My eyesight is already bad enough without the extra strain, but...Maybe I could play the audio via my phone and watch the muted Japanese version on the computer...Hm...This revelation warrants further investigation!

    So we've pretty much confirmed that the problem is not Browser or Location based. I really can't think of what else could be the problem, so any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Update I tried using my phone as I suggested before, and even my phone is having the same issue. This means the problem is not browser, location or device based...I'm seriously stumped.

  • @JollyBoss Reading back through the thread, I just noticed that you only mention "any of the newly released dubs", but no episode numbers. I don't watch the series, way too many episodes to even consider trying to catch up to, but my understanding is that there is a waiting period on the dubs for non-members. I'm curious if you're not caught up to that point.

  • @pleco_breeder I suppose I should have clarified on the exact details. By the newly released episodes, I was referring to the dubs that were released in the past month or two. That would be episodes 555 to...563, I believe. Trust me, I went through every single episode to make sure it wasn't just one or two episodes being wonky, as I've had experiences with that happening in the past.

    The problem is One Piece is normally not like other shows. The dubs are available to free users from the moment they are released. In any case, that isn't the problem, as I know they are freely available. I set the schedule to show only shows available to free users back when the dubs were first released and everything. Hell, even Customer Support checked and confirmed that they were, in fact, available to all users.

    I thank you for the concern, though. I certainly would have felt mighty foolish if the problem were as simple as a slight mix-up on my part.

  • @JollyBoss As mentioned, I don't follow the series. However, I tested with episode 560 (chosen because it falls in the middle of the range you gave). The subtitle version came up just fine. When I changed over to English, it announced "Sorry! This video is for Premium Subscribers only."

    Edit: I'm not sure which episode I changes over, but I tested 543 and 517 also. 517 (the first episode of season 9) played dubbed just fine. 543 gave the same message as 560.

    Edit again: Checked, and the cut-off seems to be episode 518. After that, it says requires subscription for dubs. It will play sub for any episode though, and I think that's what customer support was probably seeing.

  • @pleco_breeder So I'm not just crazy! Yeah, this is for sure a bug then. It should not be cutting off after episode 518, considering I've watched up to episode 554 with no problems before this all started. Since, you know. Why would I just randomly start watching halfway through a season? I'm just glad that someone else can verify that it is an actual issue with Funimation and not just some eldritch curse plaguing every device I touch. God knows that'd be the only darn thing left I can think of if it being if it was an issue on my end, considering I've tried just about everything I can think of to work around it...

    Thanks to everyone who offered their suggestions and help! I suppose there is nothing I can really do about it for now, since it seems to be an issue on Funimation's part after all. Time to just wait and hope for the best, maybe try and get in-touch with Customer Support again...

  • I just checked the schedule and it seems that the next release will only be available to subscribers, since it disappeared when I switched it to show free access. Past releases may have been available for free users, but now it seems free users might get the episodes later after release on home video. Also, as far as I am aware, free users only ever get the first 2 episodes of a season or a DVD set release for any show, while subscribers get access to all of it, same day as release.

  • @Ragnawind Hm...Checking the schedule, it seems you are right on the next batch of dubbed episodes being subscriber only, at least for a limited time. Of course, it'll still be freely available after awhile. I've noticed most shows are, especially One Piece, which like I mentioned before has never been a Premium-Only show as far as I know. I've certainly been watching for long enough to have noticed if that was the case, considering I've gone through 554 episodes. I might have gotten a tinsy bit mixed up, not sure. One Piece releases new dubbed episodes so rarely I tend to forget the specific details, but I do know for a fact that it always ends up free, even if they have a delay for free users.

    In any case, that is completely irrelevant when considering the previous episodes, as I know they should be freely available. I checked the schedule when they first released, I've checked the page a thousand times for any 'Subscriber-Only' tags...Those are freely available episodes, despite being blocked as Premium-Only. It's really strange.

    I've had a similar issue on a few other shows, too. One among them was the 'Anime-Gataris' show that became freely available a little while ago. (Pretty cute and funny show if people like somewhat self-aware Slice o Life Comedy.) Whole show is available to be watched...Except for Episode 2, which has the same issue as the One Piece episodes. Very random, but it just shows that this issue isn't just limited to One Piece, or just a marketing ploy to get people to invest in subscriptions or buy the box set for the show. (If anyone has the time and is a free user, do check that second episode and see if it does the same for you, if you would be so kind. The more people that can replicate the problem, the less likely it'll just get blown off as an 'unrepeatable issue.')

  • @JollyBoss A couple of things regarding Anime Gataris. Episode 2 onward shouldn't be playable by free users. The show just aired in the Fall season, and is not supposed to be available to anyone other than subscribers till after the home video release. I checked, and it's running correctly. Only Episode 1 is available to free users. If you were able to view past this, the glitch wasn't episode 2. It was all the episodes afterward.

    BTW, anyone can check whether an episode is available to free users by opening it in a private/incognito window.

  • @pleco_breeder said in Having some issues with freely available dubs...:

    @JollyBoss A couple of things regarding Anime Gataris. Episode 2 onward shouldn't be playable by free users. The show just aired in the Fall season, and is not supposed to be available to anyone other than subscribers till after the home video release. I checked, and it's running correctly. Only Episode 1 is available to free users. If you were able to view past this, the glitch wasn't episode 2. It was all the episodes afterward.

    BTW, anyone can check whether an episode is available to free users by opening it in a private/incognito window.

    That isn't actually correct about simuldubs and free users. For the most part, a simuldub is released for free users to watch around 1 month after the series finishes its simuldub. So far, from Winter, The Ancient Magus Bride, Pop Team Epic, Token Ranbu Hanamaru Season 2, etc. are going up for free users, according to the schedule on May 9, 10, etc., though in the case of Magus Bride, it is just the second half. I'm not sure if they stay free or if they are available free for a limited time, though, like maybe a month or so. Normally, Episdoes 1-2 are retained, though, even if the others are made subscriber only again.

  • @Ragnawind, @pleco_breeder Yep. As I stated, Anime-Gataris is available to free users at this point. It's Episode 2 that is glitched, at least for me, not the rest of the episodes. Plus, do keep in mind that the Customer Support fellows themselves mentioned that the show should have been playable by free users as well.

    I checked the schedule and everything back when it became available for free users. Some shows get released earlier or later depending on what I assume are a variety of factors, maybe something like licensing agreements or sheer popularity, but it is usually about a month or so that they become available to free users like you mentioned. I've never witnessed a show revert back to premium only. I think shows that they intend to keep as a subscriber-only option stay that way for good. I can't say with 100% certainty, though, as I have no idea how the site is run or what may have happened before I became a regular user of the site.

    I'm rather glad that Funimation provides these options for folks that aren't able to get a subscription or home-release, but still want to keep up with the newest seasons. Good on them for not taking the greedy way out and saying "everything is premium only, end of discussion, pay up or get out."

    Anyway, I digress. Interesting that you didn't have the same issue with Episode 2 of Anime-Gataris. I'll have to check it later and see if it is still having that problem on my end, or if they are actually slowly but surely working on fixing these issues. ( Update: I checked, and it is still having that same issue. RIP tiny glimmer of hope.) In any case, I urge anyone reading to let me know if you've noticed the same issue on other shows. My previous statement about needing more witnesses still stands!

  • @JollyBoss Episode 1 of Anime Gataris is the only one that will play, at least here.

  • @pleco_breeder Interesting...If you don't mind me asking, are the episodes marked with a 'Subscriber-Only' or 'Premium-Only' tag when you check the show's page, or are they just not working and/or being blocked as 'Premium-Only' after you click on an episode? As far as I understand, all shows that are restricted should have a 'Subscribers-Only' tag on the thumbnail of the episodes to let you know what is available and what isn't. If the show is unavailable to you but not showing those tags, that might be another bug in and of itself, or the same bug I've been having.

    It's also odd that only the first episode is available, as Funimation usually gives up to the second episode for Free Users to get a proper taste for the various anime available if they were to subscribe...That's not a rule, of course, so there are obvious exceptions. It's just...let's say, 'the norm' from what I have seen. A rather clever marketing tactic, I have to admit. Get you hooked on the first couple episodes so you feel obligated to subscribe and watch the rest...Not to mention the positive light it shines on the company, showing that they aren't purely in it for the money and are willing to provide allowances to even non-paying consumers...I digress once again, though.

  • @JollyBoss There's nothing on the thumbnails which would indicate being "premium only" for any of the episodes I've looked at. If you have an example of an episode which has this marking, I can try looking at it directly. However, in over four years on the site, I don't remember every seeing anything like that. I should probably mention that I was a subscriber until October 2016 though, and would've had no reason to really look. Even now, I scarcely watch shows via my Funimation account.

  • @pleco_breeder https://www.funimation.com/shows/wolfs-rain/ Try Wolf's Rain here. Every episode thumbnail from Episode 5 and on has a 'Subscribe' tag on them, denoting that you need to subscribe to watch them. Episode 1-4 do not, and are therefore available to free users. Also check and see if any of those four available episodes will play for you. If they don't, then you are having the same problem I have been having, or you are in a location Funimation just doesn't have any streaming rights for whatsoever or something. (Really good show, by the way. Would recommend watching if you haven't already. Real classic.)

  • @JollyBoss That's the first time I've noticed anything like that, but the tags are there for that series for episodes 5 and onward to include the OVAs. Checked episode 3, and at least the first 2 minutes played perfectly fine. As for the recommendation, I may look for it on CR later, but tend to avoid dub whenever possible outside the current season.

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