Seeking Funimation UK Social Moderators

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    Hi everyone,

    Title^ We are seeking a couple of UK diehards that would be interested in becoming a Funimation social moderators!
    Currently recruiting UK residents specifically, but if you'd like your information on-file for when additional opportunities arise feel free to apply!

    More info below:

    Funimation Social Media Moderator

    Do you love Funimation anime? Are you good with people? Do you know how to work grandma’s internet machine? We’re looking for passionate and driven fan advocates to assist with the growth and development of the Funimation social community. We have a clear mission to reach more fans with more anime and deliver an anime fan experience that’s second to none.

    Moderators support by monitoring and moderating Funimation and user-generated content to ensure that the community is maintained as a positive and safe environment. This role coordinates with the Community Manager to support its mission promoting excellent customer service and helping to cultivate a strong community around the Funimation brand and the various licensed show titles we represent.

    Requirements – To be a moderator of and the Funimation social ecosystem, the following criteria must be met:

     Commitment to being active 3-5 hours per week at around 30 minutes a day
     Must be at least 18-years-old
     Must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Conduct Policy Agreement
     Must be a registered user of in good standing
     Must be proactive in addressing minor issues and timely reporting of potentially large issues to Funimation Community Manager
     Highly motivated and knowledgeable of anime
     Excellent customer service skills
     Able to set a good example for the community by exhibiting:

    A Positive attitude
    Excellent grammar
    Appropriate language
    Timely responses

     Responsible for keeping unsuitable content out of the forums including but not limited to:

    Pirated or illegally obtained material
    NSFW (not safe for work) explicit material
    Extreme gore, vulgarity or profanity
    Self-injury and/or suicide
    Organized crime or terrorist activity
    Hate speech and bullying
    Sexual violence or exploitation
    Solicitation of illegal substances
    Fraud and spam

     Must have a computer and/or mobile device with internet access
     Ability to multi-task, and work cooperatively with a team remotely
     Availability to assist days, evening, nights, as well as weekends


    As outstanding members of the community, moderators may request to have the Subscriber Status complimentary added to their account if they reside in the US, Canada, UK, IE, AU, NZ.
     Access to exclusive Funimation events, including parties, red carpet premieres, and conventions
     Anime swag like Blu-rays, DVDs and merch
     Exclusive Funimation gear


    Interested? Contact Funimation Community Manager Jay Hairston -

    All applicants must submit the following information via e-mail entitled: [Name/Moderator]

     Full Name
     Residential Address (Must be US, Canada, UK, IE, AU, NZ.) E-mail (The one you use to access FunimationNow, shop and forums)
     Social Media Account Usernames *(Required):


     Birth Date

     A paragraph explaining your interest in becoming a Funimation Moderator

    The Fine Print

    Moderator Volunteer Agreement:

    By submitting a request to be a moderator:

     You are confirming your wish to volunteer for Funimation. You understand that your activities as a moderator will involve on-
    line activity and may involve contact with unidentified and/or unfamiliar persons or other potential risk of personal injury or damage to property. Knowing this and in consideration of being allowed to volunteer, YOU ASSUME FULL AND COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE THAT YOU SUSTAIN OR CAUSE DURING YOUR PARTICIPATION AS A VOLUNTEER MODERATOR. IN ADDITION, YOU RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND COVENANT NOT TO FILE SUIT AGAINST Funimation FOR ANY LOSS, DAMAGES, EXPENSES OR CLAIMS ARISING FROM YOUR PARTICIPATION.

     You understand that you may become privy to confidential information about or its affiliates. You agree to maintain the confidentiality of any information marked “confidential” as well as any information about Funimation’s or its affiliates’ internal procedures, business operations, personnel information, personal information and website operations that is not otherwise publicly disclosed by Funimation or its affiliates. You agree to not use any confidential information in any manner that would be detrimental to Funimation or its affiliates or any person who uses the services offered by Funimation on its official websites, and to avoid any actions that might impair the reputation of Funimation or its affiliates.

     Your name and your avatar may be displayed on the Forum as the moderator. You authorize Funimation to use and publicly display your name and avatar likeness in any manner in conjunction with your role as moderator of the Forum. The Terms of Use for FUNimation and the FUNimation Forum Rules are posted at The Terms of Use are incorporated by reference into this policy. You acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Use, understand your rights and obligations, and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use, Forum Rules, and this Moderator Policy, as amended from time to time by FUNimation.

     Funimation reserves the right to suspend or terminate moderator privileges at any time for any reason.

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