What is a good manga reader app?

  • Hello, I live in a place where access to manga and anime is limited to what I can find on the web. there is a lot of manga I wish I could read but all the apps. I've tried have sucked and I'm looking for suggestions. I would appreciate any help thank you

  • We aren't allowed to post illegal sources here so the Viz and Shonen Jump apps, Comixology, Bookwalker and Crunchyroll are all I can think of. My Anime List also opened a manga store but they only have Viz and Kodansha titles which can already be found on at least one of the sources I already posted and I haven't had a chance to try them.

    There's also Google Play Books and whatever the equivalent for iTunes is.

  • If you can buy them on Amazon Kindle, that is also an option. I know Amazon is global, but I'm not sure about Kindle's service.

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