And news on Brave Witches BluRay release or Victory Arrow Dub?

  • Just curious if there have been any rumors about when we're getting the home release for Brave Witches (since the dub is done).
    Also a bit curious if we'll get to see the Brave Witches OVA get dubbed?

    Also curious to know what's going on with Operation Victory Arrow. Funimation really dragged its feet on the Strike Witches Movie, and the quality of the dub versus the first two seasons really showed: accidentally(?) removing one character entirely (Montgomery), mispronouncing the name of the Yamato (called Yamamoto in the film but by its correct name in the series), and mispronouncing a few of the location names.

    People's voices do tend to change over time, as people get older, I'd be pretty disappointed if Funi ended up having to recast because they waited too long.

  • @Elizlestrad

    First of all There has never been an announcement by either CR or Funimation that Operation Victory Arrow has ever been licensed. Secondly Brave Witches was delayed simuldubbed last year. So the 2nd half of this year is the earliest we'll see it solicited.

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