2.011 Update

  • A laundry list of tweaks this time around. The bigger things are coming. Thank you for reporting and for all of the feedback.

    • Adding Good Luck Girl to your Queue now no longer causes the shows in your Queue to disappear! ^_^ All affected accounts have been restored including yours if you were one of the unfortunates.
    • The show playlist in your Queue now displays in sequence order with the correct episode numbers.
    • In Profile, the number of video recaps present in each Show “playlist” in your Queue now correctly updates after you remove a video or videos from a Show “playlist” in your Queue.
    • Account and Profile pages now display a proper title in the browser tab.
    • The forum title on the left side of your profile now links to your forum posts page in your profile.
    • In Profile, the welcome text fields and the profile navigation tabs now appear in your Private Message Inbox.
    • In Profile, the Actions menu now resets after you delete one of their playlists.
    • In Profile, the checkbox is now disabled when you have no playlists.
    • The Support page now has a link to the FUNimation Help Forum.
    • Small formatting fixes.

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