My Experience with Funimation online EVM

  • Funimation,
    I am writing this post to share a few of my concerns with your online services. I have been a longtime Funimation fan, and patron for years. Supporting and purchasing Blu-Ray and DVD's for as long as I can remember your brand . I decided it was time to give your service a try, instead of filling more space on my shelf. I was excited, and ready to go all in. So I signed up. Unfortunately to my dismay, I ran into quite a few problems. Below is my list. Please note, I have searched the website and forums for the issues I came across. Some of these issues date back to November without seeing any resolve. Let me say this up front. I am not looking for compensation, or any type of handout. I am looking for your service to become better for future use, less of a hassle, and more user friendly.

    1. Billing: when I set up my account I thought I would use my Pay-Pal, but later decided I wanted to use my credit card. The Subscription site brings me to a page saying I need to control it from Pay-Pal, so I stopped the payment from being re-accruing, went back, and I get the same message, all I want is to put my CC info in and not worry about it.

    2. Support Tickets: I submitted a ticket and it has been four days, and I have not heard any updates or details. To me, this is too long to wait concerning billing issues. I understand your company might be busy, and overwhelmed by a long ticket queue. However staffing, and planning should prevent this from being such a burden for your customers.

    3. Buffering: Major issues with random hang-ups and stutters during play back on a PC, I tried different PC's, Different networks, and locations, and it is all the same. It is completely, random does not happen in the same locations of the play back, and is frustrating. It also does not happen on a Roku, or though the Mobile App.

    4. Personal Queue: My queue does not show up any longer after the last series I added. I found this to be another issue on your current issues page. This is a key component on watching your content. This should be a non-issue, and should not be this frustrating. Also before I had my queue working, it did not save my place, or keep track of what shows I have already watched.

    I also find your interface for adding content to a queue cumbersome and non-intuitive. We should be able to add a show or movie from selected shows page, and not have to go to the queue and add them by a drop down menu. I also find, that having two separate queues on the website, and on the mobile app a bit counterproductive.

    1. Mobile App: The mobile app is buggy, and not put together well at all. Right now, I can't keep my EVM login to work correctly, I still get adds during playback, and when I do login, it shows a completely different user name. The app crashes, movies that I have access to do not show up even when I successfully login to the app (Which is rare that it takes.). The price tag of $9.99 is steep for existing members, and for it not to take advantage of EVM, is another letdown.

    Please take this in consideration while providing services to your customers. Content alone will not provide a long-term growth in your services. Customer service, satisfaction, and experience should all be factors in your company initiative.

    Thank you

  • 1 and 2) We are working to resolve these issues, but I cannot speak to them in more detail because I am only involved with the tech side of things. If you have not received a response from Support, you can post to this thread and CJ will be able to tell you if your ticket is in the right place.

    1. We are working to resolve this issue and have an update thread going for it over in FUNimation Help. We have to rely very heavily on user data for this one, so if you have any information to help, please do contribute to that thread. You can also follow that thread if you would like to be notified when it has been posted to. I think it will also tell you when the main post has been updated, but I've never actually tested that for myself.

    2. This should be resolved today actually. I'm waiting for a fix to be pushed. What happened was that you added Good Luck Girl to your Queue. We have a thread in FUNimation General about it. Unfortunately, it's one of those issues that you don't know about until it happens and then it's too late. Luckily, we should have the update that fixes it ready today. This update for sure will prevent it from happening to anyone else and should also fix everyone that has been affected. I say should because I don't have any affected accounts to test on our other testing environments, so I'll be testing for that as soon as the update has been pushed here.

    Thank you for the feedback on Queue. We will be adding a way to add shows to your Queue from show sites and from Show thumbnails soon. This was suggested early on in our Suggestions forum. For now, you can actually add shows to your Queue from any Video thumbnail in addition to being able to from the Queue. I actually did not think that the dropdown on the Queue itself would be considered to be cumbersome since I have had the opposite experience when adding things to my Queue on other services. I didn't want to have to go to every show site to add things to my Queue and instead wanted a one-stop shop to add everything.

    We are in the process of making further improvements to things so this is very valuable feedback. If you have any other suggestions, I would love it if you would post them in the Suggestions forum.

    1. We are aware of the issues with the mobile app and are working with Phunware to get them taken care of. You can always contact them directly at It helps them to have as much user feedback as possible so they know which issues should be prioritized.

    Thank you again for taking the time to provide this feedback. I hope my response helps at least a bit.

  • Sophie,
    Thank you, your post does help and provide me with the information I needed. I would also like to say YES! The Queue issue is fixed, and I can see my stuff now. The view history is still messed, but no big deal.

    Thanks again, on the update.

  • Thank you so much for understanding.

    Yes, watch progress in Queue is a bit buggy. A fix for that is also on the way. I should also add that it only updates once every 250 minutes. We are looking into a solution for it to update as you watch.

    Profile โ€“> History --> Videos is currently based on page views and not video views like it should be. We are working on a fix for that as well.

  • I think the Queue fix needs another "fix".

    Since yesterday, My Profile & My Accounts pages are not working. The pages them self load fine, it's the bugged javascript that's giving me a problem. All I see is a continuous 'red circular loading image' but nothing ever loads.

  • Thank you for reporting, but please only report bugs to

    This issue is only present in Firefox on PC, afaik. Please use Chrome until we can fix.

    Since this topic is done anyway, I am closing this thread.

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