I attempted to debug FUNimation’s video page… here are the results.

  • Like the title indicates, i enabled IE 11’s “debugging” options on the video page for And You Never Thought etc. to see what might be causing malfunction. Upon engaging this option, it immediately discovered Line: 32 Error: ‘base64’ is undefined-
    0_1522563112846_Debugging FUN.JPG
    To that message, i said ‘Yes’ to allow for a full analysis of the page. Correspondingly, it discovered four [4] fatal exceptions and eighteen [18] critical warnings (and we wonder why nothing works):

    0_1522563262647_Developer Tools FUN.JPG
    For the exception “SCRIPT 438” Microsoft recommends the following resource to correct it: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/scripting/javascript/misc/object-doesn-t-support-this-property-or-method
    For the exception “SEC 7120” Microsoft directs the developer to the following page: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/internet-explorer/ie-developer/samples/dn423949(v=vs.85)
    For the exception “SCRIPT 7002” Microsoft recommends: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/scripting/javascript/reference/javascript-run-time-errors
    For the exception “SCRIPT 5009” Microsoft recommends: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/scripting/javascript/misc/undefined-identifier

    I wasn’t about to go through every KB article for the warnings, especially when i’m not part of the FUNimation Staff (laughs). I figure let them at least start on the major exceptions and go from there. Maybe, by some miracle, the other things will fall into place and we can finally get playback in IE 11. I shouldn’t have to “spoonfeed” people who are getting paid for a living to do this. There is no good reason why their site engineers shouldn’t be all over this making certain that all major browsers are supported; it’s been a week with no response from support and we are now going into the month of April. With so many errors found, you have to ask, who is in charge of quality control? Good grief.

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  • OK, so if I'm understanding correctly, IE11 is seriously flawed?

  • Hi Nobu,

    What's going on? I think i might have been talking with Gohan about this, i'm able to watch videos in IE 11 from CN, Disney XD, Twitch, YouTube, and CR no problems - - only this site hitches, so, i don't know... ;-)

    I mean, you pay them $60 for this stuff to work, not to get hair-pulling, lol.

  • @P.J. I've had similar problems with other sites, and Funimation at one point, and came to the same conclusion as Nobu. Microsoft became too worried about which scripts are running from websites (assuming this is because of security concerns) and is excluding anything which has any potential regardless of whether there's an actual issue.

    Since the other sites did eventually run video after several weeks of nothing, I assume there is a workaround which Funimation could do to make it work with the browser. However, I ended up changing browsers anyway because of recurring issues as the browser requirements changed. I don't bother with opening IE anymore. Instead, I have certain sites which I use Firefox for, and others which I use Chrome for. This is done because not all sites will run properly on all browsers anymore as each seems to have their own way of handling exceptions.

    I don't know if it's the actual issue, but have noticed that both the Funimation forum and video pages call a massive amount of external sources when loading. On the forum, depending on how fast I'm clicking through pages (and consistently as I'm voting in the tourneys) my connection is regularly getting flagged by Google as a bot for "irregular surfing" and requires captcha to get access. With regards to the video pages, it seems to run alright as long as I'm not using IE.

  • Hello Pleco Breeder,

    How are you? How are your classes going?

    Not with the most recent maintenance, but, potentially the one where there was the "view shift" may have been where we lost playback for IE 11. In a previous post, Admin Sophie explained that they should be supporting IE 11 - - the question for me then becomes, how long will this be allowed to continue and jeopardize potential subscribers?
    You explain that you are now using different browsers for different sites. I was doing that for a time, but, that got annoying, fast. I believe there is something to be said for a centralized experience. Just being honest, i don't particularly care for having to open multiple browsers for multiple sites. Additionally, my organization with IE far exceeds both that of Chrome and FireFox. As for Edge, it is a less secure experience as Norton Toolbar (not to be confused with Norton Identity Safe) is not available.

    Hoping this post finds both you and Nobu (who seems to be "lighting up" the forums tonight, lol) well.


  • In my case, the cost of using a single browser would be unsubscribing to sites which I enjoy.

    Classes will start winding down in about a month, but will still have one till the middle of June.

  • Please, for all that is good, i implore you to not use the "u" word... the children might hear...

    Hopefully, your professors are treating you fairly?


  • Rather than use the "u" word, I'll say that one of the sites I subscribe to uses tokens to verify membership. Firefox was not allowing verification of the token, so (avoiding the "u" word) I was about to have to stop paying for use of the site.

  • This is why I don't subscribe to Funimation and don't think I ever will again.

  • I dont understand what im looking at. someone please provide a simple explanation

  • @Getchman short answer is that IE11 excludes/doesn't support scripts used on the Funimation page.

  • The most likely reason is that the Funimation website was designed for the Google Chrome browser. This has started to become common, since Chrome is the most used browser by a pretty wide margin.

    You would hope that companies make sure their websites also work on other browsers, but I get the feeling Funimation hasn't been keeping up very well with compatibility. I haven't been able to use the site in Firefox for several months, and have to use Chrome. Seeing as my problems started right after a large Firefox update, it makes it easy to assume what caused it.

  • @Dalmation1013 The build of the browser, not just the name makes a difference. I'm able to use Firefox, but not Google for Funimation. However, Google could just as easily be made to work if I adjusted the settings. The issue that P.J. is running into is that IE11 paints its description of "security risk" with a VERY wide brush. Especially when dealing with social media, pages which call for external resources tend to match up with that definition, and Funimation uses outside resources from both Facebook and Google (and probably quite a few more).

    Microsoft has made a push to be able to label IE11 and Edge as the most secure option in the battle for market supremacy. As part of that, end-user exceptions (white-listing) has been made a lot more difficult. Rather than that option, Microsoft (and slowly happening with other browsers) has made it clear that the expectation is for websites to use their alternative scripts.

    In theory, it limits the potential for a lot of risks. However, it makes it more difficult for users of sites which rely on outside sources.

    In a lot of ways, this is similar to the same way that Firefox blocks Adobe Flash. The difference is there is no way for the end-user to allow it. Therefore, the expectation has to be made that the website change their scripts.

  • Ok. So the website works for me without any noticeable issues. Using firefox. do I need to care about any of this while things are working for me?

  • No, not at all.

  • Thank you to all, for taking time out of your life to comment. It is most appreciated. Please don't go MidnightAoshi (proceeds to sing the Harambe song)

    All the best,

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