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  • So I'm sure we're all aware of SourceFed's Anime Club where they take a quick look at various shows and give a short opinion on what they just watched and never go past episode 2. Alongside not getting the full picture, a good chunk of it is misinformed and the “four genres” just proves how dumb a “Barbie or Hot Wheels” sense of judgement and slang are.

    I can back this up as they might give their reviews a few days later than what they watched as well as vital plot points that are only hinted at. Regardless the community has been seeing them as poison and their new partnership with CrunchyRoll (free trails for everyone) has only made things worse.

    here’s a response they’ve gotten (warning foul language)

    Sure I agree with the responses as this isn’t a very good method of getting people into the medium and SourceFed should at least do a bit of research to refresh their memory before filming their videos. I find the harsh responses are blown out of proportion. The fact that the segments are being aimed towards a general American audience (who have different standards when it comes to cartoons) should be taken into consideration.

    Also so what if people are constantly misinformed? This is nothing! We slowly learned to understand what everything was and this is how we grew up to accept this medium that we adore. So you’re constantly misinformed about things it can add to the experience as even descriptions can be BIG spoilers at times. At the end of the day, when we see other people happy we want to join them regardless if they constantly sound like our parents.

    That’s my two cents; post your opinion on this matter.

  • I only watched the videos they made for anime I'd seen.

    Honestly, I don't see the concept behind these videos as being too different from ANN's seasonal preview guides (but then again, people whine about those too). They watch a couple episodes and give their first impressions/opinions based on that. It's not like they're passing their opinions off as law. I do get why people wouldn't like it when they give an opinion without having watched it all first, but like the preview guides, it's not like they're hiding the fact that these opinions are quick impressions based on only the first couple of episodes.

    I don't expect them to know everything about a show just based on 2 episodes, I expect there to be some misinformation. To use their FMA video for an example, they keep calling Al a robot. This is a common misunderstanding for people who don't know a whole lot about the series, based on what I've observed. I'm not sure why the girl came to the conclusion that it was shoujo, however. Nothing in the first 2 episodes gave me that impression when I first got into it and knew next to nothing about it…. She did then say that it rode the line between shounen and shoujo, but that just shows that saying a show is "action", for example, is more informative than using demographic labels. This isn't to say that they shouldn't be expected to do a little bit more research on some things before making their videos, but it's not unrealistic to misunderstand certain aspects of something you only saw 2 episodes of.

    I don't think the extreme negativity is warranted, but again, my exposure to their videos has been limited at this point.

  • There's just something cringe-inducing about listening to two people discuss something you're very knowledgeable about, but still get everything wrong. I don't really care that they do it, but it's not something I'll watch. I do think their lack of research is a little unprofessional considering how huge the SourceFed channel is. I mean, if they got the details of an actual news story wrong, it would be a big deal. It just comes across as a lack of respect, more than just simple misunderstanding.

  • i'm not fan of that youtube channel and i think there just cashing in on anime community

  • Most of the times when I stumble across a review site they tell me how horrible the anime I just enjoyed is.
    Then when I rewatch the show the little issues they brought up keep nagging me in the back of my mind lessening the enjoyment of the show.
    Literally the only thing "reviewers" do for me is make me enjoy stuff less.
    So no I haven't heard about the SourceFed channel, sounds pretty bad, I think I'll go on with my life of not knowing anything about them now.

  • I have never even heard of this.

  • Have no idea who these people Are, but honestly YouTube reviewers are not something I care for for the most part outside of the 2 Best Friends Play videos, cause those are funny. Only real reviews/reviewers I follow are the peeps on TGWTG.

    So yeah, had no idea these guys were even a thing.

  • yep I love source fed nerd!!!! There reviews are witch reminds gotta go cheak out there new review on sao!

  • Meg Turney, on her personal channel actually does have a bit more of a clue than she gives away on the SourceFedNERD Anime Club. Ross fully admits he knows nothing about anime and is giving it a chance because that's what they asked him to do(because it's funny).

    Are you guys seriously ignorant to that? They say it every time they post it. You give me a hard time on my opinions when 'I don't know what I'm talking about' and now nitpick at the obvious flaws that we're acknowledged by the hosts of an internet review show… Bunch of hateful know it alls aren't y'all?

    Poison? What's poison is the amount of people who try to shelter their hobbies that they themselves hardly know a damn thing about. Get a clue people, they get things wrong? A quick net search could dispel half the nonsense I read on here. It's poison to sit and denounce anything and everything that you don't like just because you have no say in it. And uh actually, People do have a say in the show, they do give people opportunities to state opinion. Let's just leave that part out so we can continue the hate though, right?

    Also free trial for CrunchyRoll IS NOT A BAD THING. Kinda helps people who might not otherwise have watched. Or is the point for the hobby to die? Pretty sure it's not killing CrunchyRoll to have this partnership, it doesn't hurt netflix to partnered with Sourcefed, etc.

    Also when they get things wrong, they tend to address it on reddit/twitter and comment commentary. It's not like they make a conscious effort to get this shit wrong. That's ok though, just assume though that they intentionally are making mistakes, why else would they make videos for a fandom afterall?

    I keep having to make edits, because I can't wrap my head around this entirely. Are some of you actually assuming? I don't even think the comicbook fanbase is this full of itself. Yes they are making money off of this, they're owned by Discovery Digital Networks, they make money on all of their videos. If anything, it's actually helping anime to be showcased somewhere other than by just random people.

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