A hillarious show but only one problem (well for me at least)

  • this is a more detailed description of my overall review of okami san. Dont get me wrong i liked okami san and her seven companions a lot. not only was it funny but it had a nice follow up on each episode. The only thing that really bothered me about this show was in fact Luci christian (the narrator) Now i am a HUGE Luci christian fan , trust me you could show a really bad anime (which ive never seen) and if she's in it i would still watch it just because of her. The reason i didn't like her here though is because i just felt the timing of her narrations during the episodes were a bit off at times. there were many times that i wanted to hear what the characters were saying ,but couldn't because luci got in the way. in fact the only time she didn't annoy me was in the final few minutes of the last episode where she timed her saying ''oh well all's well that ends well'' perfectly.

  • From what I remember, the Japanese track did the same thing with the narration.

  • i know but somehow i didn't mind the subs as much. i know call me crazy.

  • I hated the narrator in both versions. Threw off the show considerably, and for no reason, since she often didn't have anything meaningful to say

  • i never really noticed it but now that i think about it it was cinda a thorn in my side

  • I actually liked the narration, specially when the characters would respond to what the narrator was saying (usually something about flat chests).

  • I didn't care about the narration's getting in the way! Either way, it was funny to watch!

    The anime itself is good and does deserve a five outta five stars.

  • i could see where your coming from with the narration part, but regardless i looked past it because i still thought the show was great! and i think it would be awesome to see more come out of it! i honestly would!

  • i absolutely loved this series i thought it had a great story line, amazing characters and overall just great feel to it! the more i watched it, the more i grew attached to all of the characters! I actually loved the series so much that i haven't watched every episode completely just because i don't want it to be over haha mainly because i fell in love with it at episode one! after that i was hooked! no matter how slim the chances are, i would so love to see more come out of this series, 5 out of 5 stars for me, for that kind of rating, it seems almost ridiculous not to make more!

  • ^ Quite a few people have come on these forums wanting another season or a few more episodes of Okami-san. Unfortunately, it just didn't sell all that well in Japan, so the chances of any more of it being made are pretty much slim to none.

    At this point, the best thing you could probably do is contact a publishing company like Yen Press and express your interest in the light novel series, which went a bit deeper into the story than the anime did. Yen has brought over light novel series before such as Spice & Wolf and Sword Art Online, so they might consider looking into licensing Okami-san if enough people show their interest in the series.

    But as for more anime, I'm sorry, but that just isn't realistically going to happen. If you want shows that are in a similar vein, you might try out Toradora and Shakugan no Shana.

  • my thing is, if it didnt market well over seas, why not try the market elsewhere? i know in my hometown alone at many of our local game and anime stores we sold thousands of copies in our area alone, anywhere else i tried to search was always sold out and every time they got a new shipment in…........ always gone before i could get a copy......... dissapointed i was, yes, but if thats not fairly descent marketing then i dont know what is :3 fans will be fans!

  • because any money made from overseas releases is nowhere near the amount made from domestic sales.

  • Getchman is correct. Anime makes significantly more money from sales in Japan than from international sales. Hence why it's so much more expensive over there. In Japan, a 12 episode show like Okami-san can easily cost you over $300.

    Here, read this. I wrote a sticky some time ago explaining the situation as to why some anime series never get second seasons:


  • with all do respect, i do know how funimation functions and what purpose it serves, the only point i was making is that i to am a huge fan of some of these shows and i wish (keyword "WISH" i could see more come out of these shows, because for some of these, i just dont believe they let them run long enough or in this case, kept dvd's on the market long enough to even see if there would be any spike in popularity for some of the more less known shows. For alot of the forums ive read about some of these, they only kept some of them on the market for around 4-8 months (some not even that long) which at least for me, doesent seem long at all, whereas in some cases i know there has been shows that were about to go off air, and suddenly gained a spike in interest from viewers thus prompting the creators to install another series into the picture. with that being said i know what the circumstances are, that does not mean however that i have to except them ;) regardless i respect all the other opinions, but hope is all some of us fans have, at least let us keep that.

  • as far as I know, the shows are always available for purchase. they don't just stop making the DVD's/ BD's. reruns on TV also happen, though I have no idea how often or when. lack of marketing is certainly not an issue

  • i do know they are still for purchase but it would take a lot more besides just that for any one to even slightly consider making anymore seasons for some of these less known anime's. regardless, let me think for the best, i have my connections, ill just have to see where those take me. as far as marketing being an issue, maybe not, but looking past that, people will always request more of what they love, there is no changing that. Fan base is definitely something that needs a more in depth investigation done with it.

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