One Piece Movies?

  • So I have been watching the latest episodes of One Piece when I had a friend tell me ,"Hey have you watched any of the other movies?" Searching online I discovered movies 1 through the current film in japan. I just have to wonder if there is a possibility of any of these other One Piece movies ever surfacing here in the US from our grand Otaku Leader Funimation, or at least who would love to see them brought over here?

  • I hope there is more one piece movies. More then likely we are going to get Film Z dubbed when we get around that point in the anime, though I would personally love to see movie 6 get a dub.

  • Yeah more than likely that is what I see happening too. I hope we also get movie 4 where they had the Dead End pirate boat race. Though any of the other ones would be nice to see brought over here the more I watch of them.

  • I really do hope they get around to the rest of the movies, TV specials, & OVAs.
    Movie 5 is one I definitely want.

  • Well it looks like we are getting Film Z dubbed this Year :D

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