Question on Funimation

  • I'm new, just started my 14 day trial, and I was wondering something...
    What's the dubbing to uploading rate for shows here? does the company try to keep up with what's current for the season or just only have what's popular in that season here dubbed and ready to be watched?

    There's some shows on crunchy that I'm watching right now, and I'm wondering if they will make it here.
    How to Keep a Mummy, Mmagical Girl Ore are my current two that I don't see listed here.

    When it comes to shows, i there a cycle they go through? Like with netflix, they'll remove some many thing to make way for more of something else, and we won't see it for a while?

  • Many shows to get a simuldub, so get dubbed within a few weeks of the episode airing in Japan. These are uploaded weekly.
    For shows that did not get a simuldub, but do get licensed by Funimation, they tend to get 2 episodes uploaded before the home release, then the rest when the home release is available.
    Shows basically stay as long as Funi has the rights to them. Licenses to expire, but usually several years after they air (I am not sure on specifics, but it's a good while for most, and they can be renewed).

    How to Keep a Mummy doesn't seem to be licensed by anyone yet. It would only end up on Funi if they get the license for it.
    Magical Girl Ore is still pretty new, so not sure what might happen there.

  • @korrailli
    Okay, thank you. I was wondering how this site worked in comparionson to crunchy. I'm starting to have issues reading subtitles now so.. yeah..

  • With the Crunchyroll/Funimation partnership, most subs are on CR, while dubs are on Funi. Not all shows are part of it, but many are.
    A bunch of announcements for the new season simuldubs came out today, so hopefully a few you are looking forward to watching.

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