Ace Attorney Part 2 of the Anime English dubbing!!!

  • I got a few ones I guess right, and the rest is great casting choses. :) Anyways, here's who is playing who...Also, the stars on some of them means that I got the parts right on who should play as who, by luck! Cool, huh?

    Jessica Peterson - Franziska von Karma 'this is happening for sure'
    Alexis Tipton - Pearl Fey
    *Chuck Huber - Turner Grey
    Mikaela Krantz - Ini Miney and Mimi Miney
    Stephanie Young - Morgan Fey
    *Aaron Roberts - Maximillion Galactica (Billy Bob Johns)
    Jad Saxton - Regina Berry
    Bradley Campbell - Russell Berry
    Jeff Johnson - (Ben) Benjamin Woodman & (Trilo) Trilo Quist
    *Sonny Strait - Moe the Clown
    Clifford Chapin - Acro (Ken Dingling)
    Christopher R. Sabat - Money the Monkey
    David Trosko - Matt Engarde
    Mallorie Rodak - Adrian Andrews
    Marcus D. Stimac - Shelly De Killer

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