Are you guys working on the Android TV App and updating it?

  • Its out but performance is less then to be desired. Its pretty buggy, works nothing or looks nothing like the PS4 app.

    Are you guys actually working on the bugs like app freezing, poor buffer etc?

    Can I pay extra in my sub just to have you work on this, it just sucks... I dont want to have to turn on my ps4 or use my PC when I wanna watch funimation.

    I was gonna try the VRV app but funimation doesnt link accounts yet... and I already pay a yearly sub for funimation so Im not paying VRV.

    I have sent multiple bug reports fill out the data sheets they send me and I still never hear anything back from them even after sending emails in weekly increments asking if I can have an update on my ticket.

    Cmon guys get your stuff together. I love funimation but subscribers are paying for your service so please at least give us some customer dont have to bend head over heels but cmon...someting at least?

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