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  • I'd like it if there was a direct link to my favorites somewhere in the header block (e.g. to the right of SHOP, between my username and the INVITE! link, or even in the section I get when I click my username). I like the favorites functionality, but it's annoying to have to click on my username to get to the My Profile link, click that, and then in there switch to Favorites. So even though I favorite shows, I often wind up just using the address bar in my browser to construct the correct URL for a show and go to it that way. Going to the Favorites section in my profile is a last resort for me, something I only do if I favorited a show at some point and can't remember its name when I actually have time to start watching it.

    I expect that this will not be as simple as just adding a link since it's all bound up in the profile page (and would only make sense if someone is logged in). If it can be done with the existing version of the site, that'd be great. If not, please consider easier access to the favorites list for future versions of the site. Thanks!

  • We could add a shortcut to Favorites in the header, but if you're using the Favorites list to keep track of what you are watching, why don't you use the Queue which does appear in the expanding header as a shortcut already? Is it because it's not as easy to add shows to Queue currently from the show site or the Shows listing?

    The section of the expanding header that is blank is actually earmarked for another feature that is currently not ready yet.

  • The queue is a bit difficult for me, yeah.

    Sometimes there's a delay before things I've added actually appear (IE11).

    I have no idea how to set a simulcast show to add new episodes to the queue as they become available (or if that's even possible).

    The only way I've found to add all episodes from a show is to go into my profile then go to my queue and search for a show by name. I'd like that functionality on a show's videos page but the only thing I can seemingly do on a show's episodes page is add episodes one-by-one.

    And I don't know of any way (other than one-by-one) to add only a range of episodes for a show to my queue. For example if I had started watching something like One Piece with a friend and we had made it up through the first 150 episodes but then for some reason (change in work schedules, somebody moved/graduated, etc.) we couldn't watch them together anymore and we'd be watching on her account, then I'd have to come and either add them all and then remove all the ones we'd watched or add the ones we hadn't watched one-by-one.

    And in IE11 the Queue section in My Profile doesn't show the shows I've added. Yeah, I could use Firefox (which does work), but Firefox is what I use for sites I don't trust (NoScript, etc.). I imagine if I went looking I'd probably find a lot of other stuff that looks different in Firefox than IE11. I watch anime to relax and have fun. I won't be relaxing and having much fun if I have to switch browsers just for this one site. :(

  • A show listing in your Queue always reflects what is available on the site, so new episodes are added automatically. If you add a show that has 0 episodes, new episodes will appear as we add them to the site. We have a feature that will be launching later that will notify you when there are new episodes should you choose to be notified.

    You can add a show to your Queue from any video thumbnail on the show site including that show's episodes page. If you mouse over any video thumbnail across the entire site and then click on the little + icon, a little box will appear underneath the thumbnail that will have two options - Add Video to Queue, Add Show to Queue. Choose, "Add Show to Queue". We will be adding a way to add shows from show thumbnails and from the Show site. There will be an icon for "Add Show to Queue" next to the Favorites icon.

    You can add a range of episodes by using the dropdown menu.

    1. Choose the Show
    2. Choose Official
    3. Click on each video that you would like one by one. This will list them in the Video field. We don't have a shift-click yet for this, but I can look into adding it or finding an alternative solution .

    1. Click "Add to Queue"

    That's interesting about IE11. We're not optimized for it yet, so that is probably why you aren't seeing anything in your Queue. We are working on optimizing, though.

  • I found this thread while trying to find the Favorites link as well.

    From a usability perspective, the first thing I saw on the shows was an icon to add the show to the favorites. There's no plus symbol that pops up a modal box with an option to add the show to my queue like in your screencaps. Also, on the show page there's a link to add the show to my favorites but no option to add the show to my queue.

    Each video thumbnail has an icon to 'Add to Favorites' and 'Add to queue', but that's not intuitive at all - it gives the impression that you're adding each individual video to the queue or favorite list. I honestly never just tried it to see what happens since the Favorites icon on the show page is more obvious and is just what I used.

    Sophie, you mentioned that you guys were adding an 'Add to Queue' icon next to the favorite icon on the show page. That would certainly clear up the confusion. Any idea when that is scheduled to be implemented?

    This then brings up another question: if we're not meant to use the favorites to bookmark the shows we're watching or interested in, then what's it for? If it's just redundant then it may be easier to remove it to clear the confusion altogether. Otherwise I would put a more prominent shortcut to the Favorites page somewhere clearly visible and easily accessible, like even in the user menu with 'My Account', 'My Profile', and so on.

  • No ETA on implementation, but we're getting closer as we get through the higher priority items. Keep an eye on the Site Information & News forum for updates.

    Favorites is for bookmarking shows that you are interested in or that you like. It can be used as a Queue, but I hope that once we add the improvements to Queue that users will use that instead.

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