Can we please get more Shows / Dubs like Yamato 2199

  • I'm sure this doesn't really need to be said, but with exception of a very few cases the dubbing of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 / Starblazers has been almost perfect and an example of what kind of quality work english VA's can actually be capable of.

    The dubbing actually fits the tone of the show (OMG YOU REALLY CAN MAKE A SHOW WITHOUT YELLING EVERY OTHER LINE OF DIALOGUE IT'S AMAZING COUGHATTACKONTITANCOUGH) , and for the most part all the characters match their voices well enough. There are very few shows I can sit through dubbed after seeing them subbed first and this is one of them. Pretty much everyone else I've shown it to who traditionally watches subs has agreed with me as well.

    The voice actors have given very exceptional performances I didn't think most of them were capable of, giving Funimation's past dubbing work, but the overall tone of the show as a serious sci-fi series, with well developed characters is really shining through.

    Honestly its the only reason I've kept my sub at this point. We need more shows like this. I am SICK to death of seeing nothing but generic garbage being pushed through Funimation. You can only stomach so many slice of life moe cutesy or generic fantasy shows before you beginning to question the value of your dollar.

    People keep going on about how Anime isn't just for kids etc but it seems like the industry has only progressed backwards (in lockstep with society it would seem) when it comes to bringing good, quality produced, mature content to the States.

    Every time I watch some older anime from the late 80's and early to mid 90's with younger friends who have never seen it, it just makes me bitter. A lot of these kids have never even seen a lot of that stuff, and they are actually shocked and blown away about how different it is from modern shows. The level of detail in the animation, the willingness to take risks with ideas and even the quality of some of the dubbing goes far beyond their expectations; and I think that tells you a lot about the current state of the Anime industry, both here and in Japan.

    I get the unfortunate truth that the bread & butter for a lot of the industry seems to be all these show types I hate now, but at the same time I refuse to believe that there aren't better shows out there that can't be sought after for licensing.

    I'd rather watch something like MONSTER than sit through the n'th Iteration of a Gundam show (gave up on Iron Blooded Orphan), or a bunch of dumb highschool girls talk about what dumb stuff they like.... and no catboys please thank you.

    That's just my opinion. I'm old and tired.

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