Funimation Wants are Number 1 Super Hero Goku In Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch and so do I! So let make it HAPPEN!

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    "We discovered in the recent Nintendo Direct that the beloved Super Smash Bros is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Naturally plenty of companies would like their mascot in the game and Funimation is one of them. The anime service really wants Goku to make an appearance in the game and is trying to drum up customer support. Here’s their tweet which has already got 8K retweets."

    Not sure who it was that got this going I thinking @JayHairston but who ever did it I wanted this to happen.

    Last year when Nintendo did Smach Bro Game I him wanted DLC when that where asking people wh owe wanted in the game since in I was REALLY hoping for Goku to be in. But it did not happen. :(

    I hoping this time around it will!

    We need the The Hope Of The Universe in there!

    Sean voice Lurico already in Smash Bro so it not that hard to Sean to do 2 Roles.

    I would so buy a Switch is this happen!

  • I said this in the other thread, B**** slapping Goku off of a stage as Peach would give me great satisfaction.

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