Ace Attorney Anime Season 2 is happening!!!

  • Yeah!!! You heard right. :) Well, Japan is doing the second season of the series to be done from the third video game part featuring. Godot himself! Cool! Well, I'm not sure that it'll also have the shorter version of Rise from the Ashes and/or The Lost Turnabout in it 'I hope', but I know that they'll have all the parts from the third video game, you know? They'll have it I know it too. From Turnabout Memories, The Stolen Turnabout, Recipe for Turnabout, Turnabout Beginnings, and Bridge to the Turnabout. So I hope they'll also have 24 episodes for season two to come later. I bet FUNimation here will be showing the rest of the episodes in Japanese English subtitles and then the English dubbing in the future. That's all I know so far; so anyone else can keep me posted on others news about it, please let me know for more fun to come. I can't wait to get it. Be sure th pre-order the second half for later this coming May to complete your Ace Attorney collection of season one first, on DVD/Blu-Ray Box sets.

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