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  • Okay well this might not be the section for it but my ad block has been acting up for a hour now. The ads in videos haven't been affected but now its starting to show other ads that show up on the pages and having pop-up ads come up now and then. Could anyone help not really a tech forum so i don't know if anyone could.

  • I personally do not like ad block but most of the time it is something with the settings or an update on the web browsers side. More than likely an update happened and you will either have to wait for the update on the plugin or reinstall the plugin and change the settings to how you had it before.

    If your browser didn't update you might want to check your plugins and see if you may have installed something that is trumping the ad block. Or something that is more than likely ad-ware such as tool-bars or other things

  • If you're getting pop ups that have nothing to do with the site you're browsing (like, those YOU ARE THE ONE MILLIONTH VISITOR! types), then you probably have a virus or some malware and you're gonna have to scan your computer

    However I have seen on Youtube today that their video ads are working so a new update may have gone out, and you might have to wait for a new patch for AdBlock

  • We do not have any kind of popup ads on, so if you are getting them here, then you might have a virus.

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