Original Trilogy re-release on Blu Ray

  • Are there any plans for releasing the original trilogy (season 1, Next, and Try) on Blu Ray?

    I'm not asking for a remastered version like they do with their other titles. I just want to know if they would upscale the resolution for 1280x720, or even 1920x1080, compatible sets. The Funi DVD set looks like garbage when I'm watching it on a BD player, whether it's through digital sources (HDMI) or even analog (component). Shame too since Funi touched up the shows for their own release.

    Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and get a cheap DVD player and watch it on one of my old CRT's sitting in the closet, collecting dust.

  • Is this an issue with all DVDs? Because even though they were touched up the Slayers still has some age.

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