Was anybody else who read the novels disappointed?

  • This post will contain SPOILERS BEYOND THE ANIME!
    I had initially seen Highschool DxD anime thanks to Funimation Channel and had began buying the manga and Blu-ray releases, however later I found out the source material is actually a light novels series. However it hasn't been licensed officially outside of Japan so like other fans I had to read fan translations on certain sites to know what happened after the anime, because there's a 0% chance of the anime being fully adapted.

    With that said was anybody who HAS read volumes 1-12, were any of you disappointed in the finale of novels 11 and 12? I'll go into further detail in my next post

  • The anime is actually my favorite, so tried the novels when I lived in Japan. I couldn't manage to get into them as much, so gave up half way through the second. I've talked to others that had read fanlations of the same, as I was reading the originals, and will warn that you should be careful with taking them as "accurate".

    There may be much better translations out there than were read by the people I was talking to, but my thoughts were that A LOT of "artistic embellishment" was taking place in the translation.

    Just a warning, and there may actually be accurate fan translations out there, but thought it was worth mentioning.

  • I was just wondering if it felt anticlimactic for anyone else with SPOILERS!

    Ophis being revealed a puppet leader(which could of worked but here felt poorly handled), Issei combining with Great Red for a temporary Deus Ex Machina power up to beat the Jabberwocky, Vali getting a new form out of no where, and Sirzechs and co not fighting Hades

    Its a fun series but a lot of times it feels like it could of been better

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