Yamada's First Time Discussion Thread

  • I decided that it was time to make a thread where people are allowed to discuss anything about Yamada's First Time (B Gata H Kei).

    We can talk about the anime or the manga or just the chapters in the manga. So let's go! !!

  • Eh it's a fun little anime, I recently saw the trailer again in another Funi DVD so I decided to break out the set and rewatch it.
    I guess my only qualm against the show is that it starts out with a believable world and is pretty realistic until they get to Kyōka Kanejō and her insane mansion, I guess I would have liked it if the show kept it a little more believable since this broke my immersion a bit.
    But that's a small issue with an otherwise great show, its fluff, but its a good anime to come back to after a long day.

  • This is my favorite anime, no lie. Honestly the most accurate and realistic portrayal of relationships and romance between teenagers in ANY anime, because teen love is ALL ABOUT awkward foreplay and cold feet. I've never been so pleased with two characters interacting with each other

  • I honestly love this anime because it reminds me of high school and the things that go on in here are most likely the same things I seen in public and plus, this is what brought me back into the world of anime so I actually thank the people who made this show :)

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  • @T.Frost:

    I honestly love this anime because it reminds me of high school and the things that go on in here are most likely the same things I seen in public and plus, this is what brought me back into the world of anime so I actually thank the people who made this show :)

    [petition link removed]

    This was a really good show! It deserves atleast a second season! Help by signing this petition,
    and letting others know to sign it too! ^.^ please and thank you

    EDIT: Do not post petitions on the forum. They do not and never have worked. - SH

  • B Gata H Kei is my most favorite anime ever, of all time, and I think it would be a complete and utter failure if a second season was made. What else are you supposed to add to it? They didn't do the dirty, but they're in love. They've already been threatened by antagonists from both sides. The anime adapted six and a half volumes of the manga, which means there's only three and a half chapters of non-filler material to cover

    Maybe an OVA? I dunno, but how can you add to the story? Love beat lust, what more do you want? I don't think an extra 20 minutes is going to add anything new to their awkward relationship

    Anything from change.org to convince a Japanese company to reboot a lost franchise is a lost cause to begin with

  • I absolutely love this show wish there was a season 2!

  • I have been looking online for hours and want to know. I love the show but what does B Gata H Kei mean? I have seen the literal translation from people native to Japan, but it doesn't really make sense. I have seen everything from B Blood type pervert and B cup Slut to one that stated she was stuck at B on the ABCD (Like second base with a girl in the US) Does anyone know?

  • I have no insider infomation on this topic, however, Wikipedia suggests Type B, Style H, which makes perfect sense to me. "Gata" is the word used to denote blood type, though it may have other uses.

    Blood types are a HUGE deal in personality types in Japan, the same way we might use astrological signs, or introvert/extrovert. If her blood type is B, that suggests a forceful, vibrant personality.

    "Kei" is presumably being used in the same form as "Visual Kei" which is "Visual Style" so that makes sense as well. And "H" is often used as a stand in for "ecchi" or "hentai", which are both words used to talk about sexy/dirty/perverted things

    Having someone's "style" and blood type listed on a dating sim or profile of a character or movie star's bio is a pretty normal Japanese culture thing– sort of like that person's "stats" so Type: B (blood); Style: H (perverted)" makes perfect sense. :)

  • What CJ said is correct. I read an explanation that was more or less this back when the show came out a good while back.

  • The B-type in the title is a double entendre of sorts - her blood type is B, and her bra size is B

  • I know this is an old thread, but I watched this a few years ago and this was the second time I have watched it. The main reason for the second season I think besides the bad-rep for "sex" is that the manga doesn't go past the end of the anime, so there's nothing to build on. Plus, how much farther could they have gone with it in the first place?

    ***And Spoiler Alert:

    If you read the manga, there is a lot more detail and interaction. It's all the same story but it isn't told so fast.

    Also, when they go to the hotel, there is a lot more detail on what they do as well as the fact that they actually do have sex. As much as I know they could've done a better job with working with the original material from the manga, the manga is actually very graphic compared to this. It's still censored a bit, but in general, they imply more things than in the anime.

    The anime kind of failed because it didn't fulfill it's purpose of them actually doing it, which I think they could've really pulled off well, even if it meant adding a couple more episodes.

    On the other hand, the manga was great and had a lot of detail, but I think that it doesn't have the same funny and "teenage" feel to it as the anime does. I think that somewhere in the middle would've been great.

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