Continue the Frog-Dub

  • Dear Funimation,
    You need continue dubbing the "Sgt. Frog" anime series(as well as do it's movie series), for at least the shows' fans. You can even make the continued dub, one that you can only see on "Funimation Now".
    It's not fair to suddenly stop on a series, when it's not finished. If you can do a practically-endless anime series, like "One Piece", then "Sgt. Frog" should be easy for your company. So please continue "Sgt. Frog", for at least the fans.
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    Re: Future of Sgt. Frog

  • Apparently it's a similar case with Shin-Chan as well, both shows have more after season 3, but Funimation decides to stop there anyways. :/

  • @Joeynator3000
    I know, I read the "Future of Sgt. Frog" topic. I figured a fresh topic could get their attention. ...Also, I didn't know any other way contact them.

  • I mean can't they at least give us subtitled edition of the later episodes on their "Funimation Now" program?

  • @NukeMayhem

    not after their partnership with crunchyroll. All subs, except for DBS and One Piece go to CR now.

  • As much as I'd like this, I don't see it happening.

    As for making a new topic, this is offtopic, but, I've been frustrated with a couple of my topics (plus at least one comment) not really getting attention for a while now. IDK if there even is an appropriate way to draw attention to them.

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