Android TV app has gotten terrible

  • Over the last month or 2 I have noticed the Android TV app has turned to utter garbage.

    It works fine for a while after a tv restart.
    Sony x900e tv. Gigabit internet wired to tv. Latest firmware etc. Uninstalled and reinstalled funimation app from play store.

    The app starts fine, play a show about 15 to 30 mins in shows start to freeze up for a few seconds then go back to normal. There is no buffer circle the entire app freezes cause I can't even back out of the show with my remote. It may go back to normal after a few moment. It it replays the last 15 seconds or so before correcting....or it may Not work at all.

    This will continue to randomly happen until it freezes again and then the error message comes up saying the funumation app has stopped working. So I send the error report and have to restart the app or the tv and it works again for a short while then does it again.

    I've sent my bug reports to funimation and all I get is the generic "fill out this error report" and never hear back.

    Do you guys even care about or update the Android TV app or did you just release a half assed version so everyone would stop asking about it.

    It works no where near as well as the PlayStation version but why would I have to use that when it's supposed to work s straight in my tv.

    Please help?

    Been a subscriber for a long time and you guys really need to take hints from Netflix or someone when it comes to an app and buffering. Especially sound quality.

  • @jibby21 Thank you very much for reporting. Since you've already contacted us using the customer support form, I will ask for the status on your ticket.

    Does this issue happen on the Funimation app any other devices?

    Thank you!

  • @jibby21

    Reading through your post again, this kind of sounds like it's either a memory leak or what we call the "audio jump back issue".

    Which version of Android is installed on your Sony TV? Our QA team has been able to reproduce the audio jump back issue. If this is what you are experiencing, then the issue will be resolved when we get an updated version of the Brightcove player.

    Not sure if editing a post also notifies users, so apologies for the double post.

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