What about KikStarter

  • A thought occurred to me. The anime WakFu was recently picked up by another company but the cool thing is that fans were able to raise the money for the anime to be licensed and dubbed by using kickstarter. I was thinking what if some of us were to do that for anime that they don't have the money for. It could be a way for us to get second seasons and so on for anime that we want but they can't afford.

  • That is the most unrealistic thing I've ever heard. It can't be done. It's Impossible. It's no use. BTW you misspelled Kickstarter on the thread.

  • It doesn't work like that. Kickstarter is intended for crowdfunding properties already in control of a company, but which they can't complete their objectives with because they don't have the resources to do so. A company can't start a Kickstarter with the promise of licensing shows, because there's no guarantee they'd be able to license the show even if they received the money. At least with dubbing and releasing on home video, companies have control over that

  • First off, Wakfu isn't an anime. There are a couple episodes that are, but that's it.

    Secondly, Wakfu wasn't "picked up" by anyone. Ankama, the studio who made the show, is putting it out themselves. The Kickstarter's sole purpose is to fund the dub. It had nothing to do with gaining the rights to the license itself.

    Thirdly, the only way your method would work is if the production company itself started a campaign for the creation of a new season. And even then, anime and TV series cost MILLIONS of dollars/yen/euros/etc. to create, publish, and distribute. And most of the time, Kickstarter funds just ain't enough. In order to create Kick-Heart, a 12 minute short film, Kickstarter had to raise a MINIMUM of $150,000. Just imagine how much a feature-length film, or even worse, a complete series would cost.

    In short, while it's a novel idea, it's simply unrealistic.

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