The New Psycho-Pass SS Movies

  • I am wondering if funimation will licence/distribute the newly announced psycho-pass movies. I personal hope they will.

  • I hope so too. Then we'll be able to count on physical releases and maybe even limited theatrical runs!

    As to the films themselves, I'm beyond excited but extremely curious. Will they all take place after the events of the movie? Between season 1 and 2? How much will be backstory and how much will pave the plot into new territory?

    I'm assuming at least some of it will take place in the past, seeing as how Masaoka is set to star in the second film. But what about Sugo? He's not in the series until season 2 (and barely so, I might add) so it'll be interesting to see what adventure his character becomes involved in. Here's hoping they give us some details that make him interesting!

    Part of me wonders if they'll use these films to "fix" some of the problems with season 2. For example, they could shed some light on Mika Shimotsuki and offer a reason as to why she hates enforces so much (it doesn't make too much sense since she was trained/mentored by Akane). That's a small example, but I think those of us who were greatly disappointed with the second season will understand what I mean.

    And then there's Kogami. Naturally, they're saving the best for last! But again, I have so many more questions. Out of all of them, I desperately hope this film takes place AFTER the movie. Perhaps going deeper with the expansion of Sibil System and Kogami's life as a guerilla warrior? Or maybe setting up a return to Japan? I don't know, but it'll be cool to see what they come up with!

    And obviously, I hope the original staff of the first season comes back. Production I.G and Gen Urobuchi as the script writer. That would do the films wonders! Though, if not, I'm sure if he provided at least the story-lines we'd end up with some solid entertainment. He's not the only competent writer in the industry, after all! (if they hire Tow Ubukata again, I'm gonna be worried)

    These are all rhetorical questions I have. Only time will tell the answers. But once again I say that I'm beyond excited! Psycho-Pass is one of my (if not my) favorite series of all time and the fact that's not finished is very satisfactory :D

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