Hey everyone. Finally returned to anime after a long time away!

  • Hey everyone,

    I have the most amazing and fond memories of staying up late to watch Adult Swim on Saturday night and Toonami after getting home from schoo as a high schooler in the 2000s. If I remember right, first I stumbled upon Gundam 08th MS Team after school one day. I was in love. I started seeking out more stuff like that. I'll never forget my two most important and- to this day- dearest discoveries: Cowboy Bebop on Adult Swim one night, and Princess Mononoke while browsing a Blockbuster. From then on, it was over. I was all in. I was so intrigued by an animation style and a culture that was so foreign to me. Back then, it wasn't so easy to get ahold of anime like you can with streaming. I started collecting DVDs (so expensive) in addition to watching what I could that aired on TV and what I could rent at Blockbuster. Favorites were Evangelion, X, Berserk, Ghost in the Shell, Wolf's Rain, Akira, Samurai Champloo, FLCL, etc...

    College then career and life got in the way and I haven't watched anime in years but I miss the feeling that the good shows and movies always gave me. I attended Emerald City Comic Con here in Seattle yesterday and it stoked the fire back in me, reminding me of all the awesome things I used to love in my teenage years that I miss. Not just anime but gaming, comics, nerd culture as a whole. I felt at home. Got home last night and while looking at what anime options there were on Netflix and Hulu and Amazon, there were several shows I really really wanted to watch again but I no longer have my DVDs and nowhere seemed to stream them. I found that Funimation now offered their streaming service and I was blown away. This is amazing and made me so happy last night! My TV hasn't stopped streaming anime since.

    Anyway, sorry for the long intro but I'm just super stoked to be getting back into all this. I'll be browsing the recommendations thread quite a bit I imagine!

  • Welcome to the forums and to Funimation|NOW. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. ^_^

  • @SpikeDurden Welcome to the site, If you have any questions, We'll help you if we can or direct you to someone who can. Main thing is to have fun watching Anime and talking about it.

  • @SpikeDurden I have a similar story and felt the same way when I discovered Funi's streaming.

    I watched many of the mainstream anime on TV growing up in the early to mid 2000s and collected a few manga series. I never hopped on board the streaming train during college years and was simply unaware of how abundant and accessible anime had become.

    One thing that I remember from the olden days was that anime was EXPENSIVE. Those of us from around that time could recall the classic 3-episode tapes/DVDs that individually sold for a high price, and I had to fight with my parents to even let me order these weird suspicious-looking foreign cartoons online. I didn't look into modern anime all those years because I retained the preconception that it was still expensive and basically a luxury market. I was also dirt poor in college and as a young adult so buying entertainment in general was never a priority.

    When I discovered this site I actually thought I was missing something. At first I found you could watch things for free, which I thought must be a mistake. Then I found you could watch hundreds of series for only $6 a month, and I still thought it was a joke, or a limited time sale, or a low introductory rate. I was dumbfounded.

    Since then Funi has basically opened up the door of the anime world to me again. From a time when I wasn't watching/buying/consuming anything I then became an avid collector (for better or worse).

    At first I didn't understand their business model, but the fact is I would never have begun spending money in this market without their introduction. Having the opportunity to discover and get invested into different series is the best way (in my experience) to encourage people to support them financially, and even if all you do is stream they're at least making a few bucks rather than none. With broader experience comes a certain trust and expectation of quality too. I would never have considered something like buying a series blind or preordering without being I influenced by their model. Now I do it fairly often. Some of my favorite shows have even been blind buys.

    And yeah, when I first signed up I too was digging into new stuff nonstop. There's so much available to a newcomer it's overwhelming.

    There's also plenty of other anime on Crunchyroll and Hidive too to check out. It's amazing to compare the olden days to now. It's like we used to only have the kiddie pool but now we have the ocean.

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