Are we still getting subtitles for new releases?

  • I am new, currently using my free trial. I have inquiries regarding subtitles.

    From what I understand, subtitles are slowly leaving from Funimation and will go to Crunchyroll, correct?

    What about new releases? If Funimation licensed an anime, will we still get subtitles for simulcasting or we have no choice and wait for dub releases for new anime?

    Thank you.

  • Hi there. For the majority of shows and simulcasts for future seasons it seems like they will all be based around Dubbed content, and all subbed versions and variations of these programs will be streaming and available on Crunchyroll. That being said some exceptions to the rule may exist for things like Dragon Ball Super and One Piece simulcasts of the subbed versions, but those are, like I said, exceptions rather than the rule.

  • @classyspartan

    Thank you.

    Normally sub releases before dub. In this in case, which one gets release first if licensed by Funimation. Dub version on Funimation or subtitles on CR?

  • Usually the sub get put up on crunchyroll first then the dubs come a few weeks later but in a few cases they have been done at the exact same time.

  • Easy version: Subs stream on Crunchyroll, dubs stream on Funimation. Home video releases contain both.

  • Thanks everyone! Everything is clear now.

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