“Game Off?” from 4KMedia on a FanDub via an E-Mail

  • Ok so I know salty on more part but I still feel this is newsworthy.

    So back in 2015 there was this group called the “team millenniums” originally planned on Fandubbing Yu-Gi-Oh GX season 4. Currently there Fandub Yu-Gi-Oh zero which 4KMedia does not own the rights to Currently up to episode 8. So within a few months of them starting it up they got e-mail from 4KMedia. Before we didn’t know the extent of it but now we do.

    So they did a almost 2 hour podcast type video which you can watch here:


    But if you can’t watch that long of a video they actually released the entire email conversation which you can see here:


    And after reading this document all I can say is this is the biggest crock of crap I’ve ever heard. There’s no way the Japanese company will try to sue this company got in contact and found out about fandub this quickly. Not like there is big as team four star.

    4KMedia Guy in the email claim there’s always an open for an option for us to do a season 4. I have to say is it’s been over 10 years and you guys have refused to let a fandub this thing like really? If you not going let someone fandub then you get off your butthole 4KMedia and Dub it already!

    That my thoughs. I lost a lot of respect for 4KMedia for this action.

  • I mean, it falls in the same area as fansubs in terms of legality so I'm not sure what you're expecting here.

  • @crimsonechidna said in “Game Off?” from 4KMedia on a FanDub via an E-Mail:

    I mean, it falls in the same area as fansubs in terms of legality so I'm not sure what you're expecting here.

    @crimsonechidna There are MANY people who do fandub on YouTube and that did not even have one started yet nor where that big that did not even a 1 ep. so no I called BS on that. And if that don't wanted one made that should get off there butthole and Dub it them self.

  • @gohan6425 This is what licensing is though. They should be glad there was no legal action taken. Since they were so easily tracked, a list of the members of the circle could've been gained just as easily. If 4K had really wanted to push the fact, anyone involved with the project would've likely still been serving prison time for copyright infringement.

    Instead, they received instruction on how to properly become involved with dubbing and a fair critique of how to improve the quality of their projects from someone within the industry. The comments after the OP even go so far as to say they were grateful for the actions of 4K in the matter.

    So many things could've gone wrong, but even the license holder (the victim in this no matter how you look at it) was willing to work to an end which resolved the issue without ruining the lives of what I assume to be college kids (based on info in the OP).

    I'm not a fan of this series, but there really are A LOT of series/seasons which aren't licensed. Lack of access for even subs for most of Holic was one of the decisive factors in my decision to learn Japanese. On a side note, I had originally planned on buying those seasons while in Japan, but never even thought of it while I was there and still haven't seen them as a result.

    At any rate, again assuming since I don't follow the series, the post led me to believe that the group had found another part of the series which wasn't licensed and had been working on it. In the process, it would seem that the fandom, 4K, and the circle have all benefited from this.

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