A compiled list of issues on all the platforms I've tried

  • I've found it quite a woeful experience using FunimationNow since I discovered it. While there's a great library, the experience compared to any other streaming service I've used leaves much to be desired. Here are a list if all the issues I've encountered.

    All Services

    • No visual preview for scrubbing makes scrubbing tedious.
    • No skip intro or exit options
    • Incongruous experience across devices
    • Poor cross device bookmarking
    • Facebook login only on web (with no immediate prompt to create a password), this makes your first login on another device difficult.
    • Credit subtitles on some platforms and not others.


    • Web Interface is difficult to navigate
    • Videos go back to a tiny window on next

    Windows App

    • When using the "Continue Watching" selection there is no episode selection, so if it's on the wrong episode (which is quite possible with the bookmarking issues) you may be in a previous episode for which there is...
    • No next episode button on the....
    • Hideous white oversized video player UI with small buttons poorly placed using only a portion of the giant bar which also features...
    • No time in scrubbing (just take a guess where it might be)
    • No Keyboard controls.
    • When watching an episode full screen, after the episode ends the app remains full screen, but forgets it's full screen, so in order to access the back button you must click full screen, then click restore, only then can you click back.
      [out of the three ways of running the service I've tried this is the worst, however I have to use it on pc because I need the video to stay covering my screen]


    • UI is incredibly undersized in video player
    • Functions are hidden in a menu in the top right for no logical reason
    • Videos do not auto play next episode
    • Skipping 10 second functionality doesn't support multi-tap (when you can hit it because it's SUPER small)
    • Video continues to play when powering off iPad
    • App is orientation locked

    I'm going to keep subscribing because I've not found a dubbed anime streaming service that can rival your library, but I would never recommend the service to anyone, despite the great content. I couldn't put anyone I know purposely through the experience.

  • "No skip intro or exit options" One day, one day.......

  • Facebook login only on web (with no immediate prompt to create a password), this makes your first login on another device difficult.


    I read that wrong. Do you mean you want Facebook login available on the other platforms as well?

  • @crimsonechidna -- well either yes, have it on all (possible) platforms would be the best option. Otherwise the next best is include password creation as part of the facebook based registration. I signed up on pc using facebook, left home with my ipad, and then downloaded and tried to access only to find out there was no facebook login, and I had no password. I managed to resolve it ofcourse by logging into the site with my ipad and adding a password, but it was not an ideal situation for a brand new user of a service.

  • @funimation It would be nice if they would be a lil more transparent about all the issues they have, maybe even reward the fans that have stuck it out through this horrible experience they continue to put us through.

    “We are aware our platforms are not up to par, but we are working diligently to fix the problems. In the mean time, please enjoy the next month on us! Thank you for your continued support and patience. - The Funimation Team”

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