Larger and Darker font for forum posts.

  • So, this is what i am currently seeing:

    0_1519556621181_Forum Font.JPG

    Compare the difference with Norton's Community Forum:

    0_1519556690756_Norton Community Comparison.JPG

  • @P.J. said in Larger and Darker font for forum posts.:

    So, this is what i am currently seeing:

    While size can vary based on the scaling applied in each user's browser, the font you are seeing is definitely lighter than what I see:


    This is on Chrome on a Windows 10 system.

  • Hello once again Ancient One,

    How are you? What's interesting is that when you are not logged in, text appears larger, however, when you log in, because we now have this ridiculous organization of items spread down the page ( i discuss that more here: text becomes smaller!

    Seems like no end in sight of problems with this Website, still can't view videos through IE 11, additionally, inconsistency documented by Sir Biscuit:

    What's remarkable to me, is how CrunchyRoll seems to get everything to work. Forums work optimally, i.e., fonts that are readable, post windows that work, videos play without hitches. I would expect that much more from FUNimation.

    By the way, i think i found your profile over on CR.

    Hoping this post finds you well,


  • @P-J I'm only occasionally getting any kind of glitch in the forum. I've seen all the issues you point out, but can usually refresh the page (sometimes multiple times) and the format goes back to the normal display. Are you only able to access the "glitched" format?

  • Hello once again Pleco Breeder,

    Wow. Seems like ages since i've talked to Pleco Breeder. How have you been?

    Refreshing the page does not improve the situation, even in replying to your post, i had to re-size my browser window multiple times before the "reply" window would even display.
    That said, the most pressing issue, which is seemingly being ignored when i submitted a recent support ticket, is the fact that videos will still not play in IE 11. So, people are paying for a service that they are not receiving - - lovely. :-s

    I even submitted a support ticket to "BrightCove" directly concerning this as FUNimation utilizes the BrightCove player, but, was handed a resounding defeat. Their support agent would not offer any assistance and explained, "This is a FUNimation issue, and to contact their support team directly..." To which i responded, "i might have better luck consulting the wise sloth of the forest".

    Despite this aggravation, still good to hear from you once again.

    Hoping this post finds you well,


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