Cardcaptor Sakura -- Is Death Note its dark doppleganger?

  • It's been ten years since I became a huge fan of an anime series called Death Note. And I consider Death Note to be the dark doppleganger to CardCaptor Sakura. Both animes are about ordinary school students who find notebooks with magical powers, and use them to go on magical quests and even encounter the magical creatures who originally owned them, and said magical creatures can fly and like to eat. A lot.

    The two animes have somewhat similar premises but they have opposite directions and tones. Their protagonists develop polar opposite personalities, and the characters are used in opposite ways. Plus, Madhouse animated both anime titles.

  • Lemmie show you:

    alt text

  • +1 for scary imagery.
    I've been meaning to reply to something you've said a while now, but never had anything really of note.
    I gather there's a special epilogue that got added to Deathnote for a complete manga release?
    Ad I've gotta wonder when we might get more Clear Card.

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