My Otome episode 7 (possibly others) not dubbed still...

  • It's been a long time now since this issue has been known and the dubbed version still is yet to be uploaded. Honestly I would just buy it but from what I have seen so far it's not buy worthy. And it's not like I am in a huge hurry to watch hence me waiting rather then watching the subbed but this is just getting ridiculous. Will this ever be resolved?

  • @MRy27 There're 3 episodes with this issue and I just got done emailing support on this issue and they said they've sent it to their bug team to look into! Was last week I sent in the ticket then the auto bot response, then a human response trying to pin it on my end but after blowing up at them in multiple emails showing them it's on their end and not mine they're now looking into it! 7,13 and 19 have this issue!

  • @fatman123 I remember this happened when they uploaded the Overlord dub too. After over a month of waiting I just bought the season. Who knows how long after that it took them to fix the episode so I'm not really hopeful this will be resolved anytime soon.

  • @MRy27 They don't take too long once they know. It seems like to me I'm the king of finding shows like this or delay on CC or subtitles as i'm up to like 10+ maybe 15+ shows/episodes that I've run into this issue with and must say they've all been fixed!!!

    FYI, if you do run into an issue like this and support fails you give a shout out to @sophie and this person will walk into or call Funimation and be like "WTF is going on here" and WILL get things done and the ball moving!!!

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