Thoughts so far on Darling in the FRANXX

  • I'm watching the latest episode out and I must say I'm in luv with this show so I'm curious if i'm alone so what do people think on it? Do my standards match users on here or am I pissing in the wind thinking this show is great so far? JW?!

  • @fatman123 I'm waiting until there's more episodes before I watch it.

  • @Zethus Ya, I tend to do this normally but I broke my rule and holy ride on a cow backwards with a cow hat on wearing spandex do I luv this so far! What I luv about it is the art, how it's done on my Tv screen that i'm watching and to me it just feels different from anything on Funimation for me!

    I hope they can keep it up!

  • @fatman123 I feel like the latest episode was really the beginning of the series. Everything else has been building up to the last five minutes of this episode. Don't want to throw a spoiler out there because I know several people are waiting to start the series. I do want to throw a couple of things out there though.

    First, I'm not usually a fan of the art of Studio Trigger. They tend to be involved with great stories, but terrible artwork IMO. I usually refer to the head shape in their shows as "balloon heads". However, this one is an exception. For the most part I'm actually impressed with the difference between this and previous series. I do want to say that the faces on the franxx are an exception to this assessment though. While I like the rest of what they've done for this series, those faces don't hold up to the quality of the rest of the series.

    Second, and maybe a bit of a spoiler, but not too much, the handles on those suits make me think this was designed by a 15 year old boy. The innuendo is enough without adding handles. At the same time, I have to be curious what kind of "donkey kick" did 02 do to put Mitsuru in that kind of condition. Maybe a saddle would've been more appropriate than just hand grips.

  • I feel like the series will be good near the end but for now it's been a bit late f a disappointment for me.

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