No new episode of Dragon Ball Super or One Piece the week of February 19

  • This is to inform everyone that there will be a broadcast skip for both One Piece ☠️and Dragon Ball Super🐉 this weekend. Both anime will continue as regularly scheduled the following weekend, on March 3rd.

  • @Sophie Are you talking about the English Dub? Please be more specific...

  • @gohan6425 No, Sophie means the simulcast.

  • Sorry about that @gohan6425. I'll be more specific next time.

  • Hello once again Admin Sophie,

    How are you? I did see your latest post to me, and, i was wonderfully punished for posting the Godzilla facepalm with the locking of my 'Navigational Woes' thread. That's what happens when the depression sets in, and you find yourself posting random jpegs to the forum. I was out of control! {:-D Thanks for reining me back in. That thread was just all over the place... I guess i just kept documenting oddity after oddity and soon, it was an overwhelming mountain. The problem for me now is, i'm too exhausted to break down all the issues individually... Out of all of it, if we could just somehow get playback for IE 11 version: 11.248.16299.0 would be great. I'm definitely looking forward to the site maintenance scheduled to occur - - perhaps the fix for IE 11 will be there? Once again, thank you for doing me a favor and locking that thread.

    Hoping this post finds you well,


  • Hi @P-J ! I believe we do have a bug in to fix playback on IE11, but I don't know if that is part of the maintenance.

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