Question regarding "Family and Friend add on"

  • How does it work exactly? Am I allowed to share the account with a friend and he use it at his home or does the person using my account have to be a member of my household?

  • The Family & Friends Add-On currently increases the number of devices that can be streaming at the same time while logged in to your account from 2 to 5. This means that you can share your account information with as many people as you want even if they are not in your household, and up to 5 of them, including yourself, will be able to stream at the same time. This also means that you could watch anime on 5 screens at a time from 5 different devices to create a mega anime experience. :P

    Because of how the add-on currently works, your Queue and watch history will also be available to others that are sharing your account. If you would like to have the ability to keep your history and Queue private, then please wait for us to implement Shared Subscription on the service. This will allow you as a Premium subscriber to add up to two other Free member accounts to share your Premium benefits with. As long as you keep your subscription and keep those accounts connected, they will also have Premium subscriber access. There is no official ETA on when Shared Subscription will be implemented, but it is currently in development.

  • @Sophie Thank you. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be violating any rules if I upgraded and let my friend use it.

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