There really should be better payment options.

  • I recent got a $25 prepaid Mastercard to try out on here only to find out that it doesn't work.
    It is a generic card "that should work anywhere you can use a debt card". Amazon, Pandora (a subscription service can utilize this card). Almost ananywhere else I could use this. I'm not asking for google gift card support, or some crazy (openbucks support that allows you to pay via subway/Walgreen giftcards). Just plain pre-pay support that's all, and for a larger cartoon network such as you, one would think this works but it doesnt.

    -you could get more customers with this support.

    -Thanks Charles

  • I'm just happy that they're working on allowing Funimation gift cards to be used to pay for the subscription.

    But yeah. Whatever bells and whistles need to be attached just shut up and take our money!

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