Killing Bites subtitles

  • This is more of a PSA than a discussion thread, but I'd be happy to discuss if anyone wants to. I just finished watching Episode 1, so maybe this will improve, but I can't figure it's likely.

    Since I don't have an active account because I rarely have time to watch everything I want to, a lot of the shows I watch are watched with someone else. This means that a lot of the sub-only anime I see have to be watched with the subs turned on.

    On to the point, this show had quite a few errors in the subtitles which even changed the personalities of characters. In particular, don't know her name yet but assume she's a porcupine juujin based upon the spines on her forearms, was very straightforward in the subtitles with regard to instructions she was giving. In the original Japanese, although the idea was similar, the translator obviously didn't recognize one of the conjugations of the line. It was quite a bit more threatening/menacing statement than the sub.

    I'm intentionally being vague here in case anyone else plans to watch. While the subs do seem to tell a suitable story, the characters personalities are different than would be assumed if reading the subtitles. Even with regard to Hitomi (female protagonist and honey badger) she fully intends to kill the MC if her boss will let her. Although hinted at, the subs never really say it that way. In her mind, he was only every there as a bet, and has served his purpose.

    Enough with the spoilers, gotta get on with the next episode now. Hopefully, if Amazon ever does a dub of this, they get a better translator for the job than whomever did the subs.

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