? about Garo:-Vanishing Line-

  • Is this a bug or just how it's supposed to be? When I start this show on FunimationNow on my PS4 it shows season 3. If I click on season 3 there's nothing else to choose so my ? is is this season 1 with 16 episodes shown and is showing it wrong or is this for some odd reason starting on season 3 with 16 episodes to it and not showing or has season 2 and 1 up yet? Thinking on starting this but i'm at a loss with it showing season 3?

    I've ran into other shows that has done this so jw is all?

  • @fatman123 technically Vanishing Line is the 3rd series/season for the Garo Anime. Though they have different plots and are unconnected they're all the same franchise

  • So they started with season 3 or is it season one showing season 3? I'm wanting to start it but this has me holding back to start??

  • @fatman123 Basically it's the 3rd in a series of Garo anime. Each story is it's own contained series. Think of it like power rangers.

  • If you want to watch the Garo series in order, start with Garo: The Animation, then Garo: Crimson Moon, and then Garo: Vanishing Line.

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