New Funimation Actors

  • Here’s an idea for a thread I recently came up with. In this thread, I want to talk about fresh talent the most they appear of anyone’s anime radar. Here, we can talk about the actor’s portrayal in their debut role, previous work, and what the future might hold based on their voice.

    For example, I just saw the most recent dubbed episode of The Ancient Magus’ Bride, which saw the debut of actress Haileigh Todd. She does a pretty good job playing a young woman biologically in her 30s, using a voice similar to that of Morgan Garrett and Whitney Rodgers. She also has a few other roles as seen in her IMDb page.

  • Wouldn't mind participating in this, but have always had trouble with recognizing new VA talent. For the most part, the only ones I'm familiar with are established actors which have excelled in roles I liked. Since there is the occasional newbie which shows up, I have to ask how anyone manages to keep up with these new VA's by name. Most of the time they're barely given any credit, so it becomes difficult to find out who had the role. Also, in my case, I'd never really know if it was their debut or if they have been around forever, and only finally managed to impress with with talent.

    As an example of what I'm saying, it was only recently that I found a role in which Ian Sinclair impressed me with. Even though I'd heard the name used A LOT, I would have never recognized his voice prior to that. And he's probably one of the more productive English VA's out there right now.

  • @pleco_breeder Yeah, about that: I forgot to mention that Funimation has a new method of cast lists. Rather than posting every actor on their blog, they now update a cast and crew list on each show’s streaming page. So basically, if you see an actor you don’t recognize, feel free to check the show out on Anime News Network. If that actor doesn’t have a link for their name (meaning they don’t have their own page on the site, and are therefore new), or have a page but have only been in minor (not ‘’’bolded’’’) roles, then discuss them here.


    CCS Clear Card has Amanda Lee, not to be confused with Amanda Winn Lee as a newcomer.

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