Customer Support/Order Issue.

  • I was wonder if I can get in contact with someone from Funimation regarding my order. I've waited about a week with my first ticket I currently just sent another ticket with no reply once so ever. I ordered Psycho Pass Season One back in January and got my order confirmation when I received my package I got a water bottle instead of my anime. The order number I got when I placed my order is different then the order number on my slip I received with my package. I'm hoping to get in contact with some customer support but without some kind of live chat or phone number I can't get to the bottom of the issue. Hopefully this reaches someone on the support team so that we can get the issue resolved.

  • Wow, that's an odd case. I'm sorry that this sort of mixup happened to you. Let me reach out to the team at Funimation and we'll see if we can get this straightened out.

  • Thank you. I'm glad someone is helping more then the support team. I've had not a single email replying back but post an issue on a forum about something and you get back to someone with in an hour is better is saying something. If anything I can send the mixed up product back (depending on how much shipping is) also depending on how long I can receive my original order I might order else where I found it cheaper and can get it sooner. Though I don't know why a different company Best Buy, Walmart etc. has the same product in stock while the original licencor would not have the product in stock anymore and is back ordered.

  • Alright I got a email from customer support and heard nothing back yet. All they said was my order was complete and was correct (which it wasn't). I don't know if the email that was sent was automated or not but still have gotten the issues fixed so far it's been 8 days now. I also understand that customer support has been back logged for a while but at least send me an email saying that my issue is being looked into then just saying "Thank you for contacting Funimation Support. We appreciate your business.

    Our current records show that your order was delivered to your mailbox. If this is the wrong order, please inform us of what you received and what you were supposed to receive.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns."

  • I've brought this to the attention of the admins of the site, so hopefully someone should be contacting you soon.

    By any chance, could you provide pictures of the item in question that you received?

  • Yeah I can I still haven't touched it other then taking it out of the box taking a picture and putting back in. 0_1519077594682_20180209_200142.jpg
    Hopefully they will get back to me soon. I'm just wondering if they mixed my order up with someone else.

  • Thanks for the photo. I've reached out to @FunimationHelp on your behalf. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this.

  • No Problem. I understand things happen after Christmas and inventory gets mixed up and such. (I work for Gamestop so I really understand that) I really do hope we can get the bottom of the issue.

  • Still no word from Customer Support again not even an automated email. Is there any info on what is happening with my order? I don't know what else to do at this point other then posting in here hoping it can get me somewhere faster then customer support.

  • I apologize immensely. I've let customer support know about the situation multiple times, so they are aware of the situation. Unfortunately, I'm not an actual employee of the company, so there's not much else I can do.

    I will keep trying on your behalf to alert them of the situation, and hopefully they can get back to you with a possible solution. Thank you for your patience, and again, I deeply apologize for the mistake.

    UPDATE: @JayHairston, our local social media guru, wants you to send him an email at with your order info. He's going to personally look into the issue for you.

    They unfortunately can't do anything at this moment as Funimation HQ is closed for the weekend, but they will get to you first thing Monday morning.

    Again, I humbly apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

  • It's not a problem. You have been extremely helpful and very polite and understanding. I'm glad that I'm getting some kind of support from someone then none at all. I've sent an email to Jay and I'm going to check back around monday or tuesday to see if he has replied. Thank you for all your help.

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