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  • @Sophie Approximately three hours ago, I began receiving this screen for any page on the website I tried to access. It wasn't till just a few minutes ago that I realized that I can still access the site using a different browser. The browser being used, which still won't access the site, is Firefox version 58.0.2. It apparently works fine on Microsoft browser at the moment, but I will not use this browser any more than absolutely necessary. Only reason I'm using it now is that the problem won't be fixed if I don't manage to alert someone that there is a problem.

    The forum had updated, little orange box in the lower right hand corner, multiple times overnight, but there's no way for me to know if that had anything to do with it.

    I have already attempted disabling add-ons and extensions from the browser, but that didn't resolve the issue.

    Likewise, I've already sent messages via twitter, facebook, and contact form (the actual reason I even bothered tryin this browser) to funimation help.

    I'll attempt checking back occasionally to see if there is a resolution, but refuse to use a Microsoft browser for day-to-day browsing, so information exchange via this thread isn't likely a viable option for resolving the issue.

  • @administrators @pleco_breeder yesterday for about like 20 minutes on my cell phone on Google Chrome App I got the same thing.

  • @pleco_breeder

    I had to stop using Firefox to access this site a month or two ago, due to the same issue. At the same time, the video player stopped working completely for me in Firefox. I have to use Chrome, which sucks

  • It's working now.

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