Yuri on Ice LE Box set Order issues

  • It pains me to have to air my problems but I need help and Funimation help isn't working.
    The help I've received from Funimation support has been awful.
    I placed my order for the YOI LE boxset. Funimation charged me up front for this set and that's fine since it was a pre-order.
    Weeks go by and I hear nothing from you. The date of Street release approaches and still nothing!! I email customer service and I am told that well so sorry this box set is on backorder!!! I respond in return and ask if you knew it was on back order, why does the website still show as available!!! You took the money up front the least you could do is ship my boxset.
    No response and today I get the token email that YOU'VE GONE AND CANCELLED MY ORDER!!
    No explanation, nothing. Is there anyone here that can address this crappy customer service!! I've ordered lots of box sets and never had a problem. What is awful is that the money is gone, you don't even have the courtesy to return my money to my checking account so I can order elsewhere. Can anyone please help, I can't believe you treat customers like this.

  • I'm sorry you're having such an issue. Let me contact @FunimationHelp on your behalf and see if they can get to the bottom of this.

  • Thank you so much!! Any help at this point is appreciated. I am beyond upset. I've contacted them by email. FB messenger, gone to their Facebook page and from the looks of it I'm not the only one. The worst part is, my money is gone, and I can't order this set elsewhere. Thank you.

  • You're welcome. I'm sorry that you are going through this. I'll also bring this up to one of the brand managers and see what they have to say.

  • Hello, thanks for trying to help resolve this issue. The only response after contacting Funimation through Facebook messenger by email, on FB, 2 emails has been a response of well you aren't alone and we're investigating the issue.
    That's it!! No acknowledgment of the fact money is still missing from my account in the amount of $67 dollars and a cancelled order. Yes I'm upset, I'm reading on Facebook that orders were cancelled but money was returned. And I'm sorry telling me to wait 10 days for the money to be returned is BS!! I'm livid. How about give me the box set!!! Instead the website still shows as available, please just give me the box set or return the money in a timely manner so I can reorder somewhere else.

  • Yeah that is BS that it happened to you. I mean did you pay with a gift card since that's the only time I've seen something like that? I'm also surprised that they answered you since I've sent tickets and messages about an issue I've had but got no response for weeks now.

  • So far I've received a second email confirming there are problems, with an agent clearly identifying themselves and to please be patient. At least that's an improvement over the silence. For the record I paid with my Debit card so the money was directly charged to my checking account. What's sad is I'm a Premium member and I buy tons of the Titles from Funi. The box sets are my favorite, so I just can't understand why this was such an issue. If the supply of the YOI LE is exhausted UPDATE YOUR WEBPAGE TO REFLECT IT!! Don't just let people keep placing orders for an item you don't even have in stock. Just tell me its back ordered and I'll go somewhere else. I really hope there will be a positive outcome. Here's hoping.

  • Are you sure you were actually charged tho? A lot of online retailers do authorizations that can take anywhere from 2 to 10 days to fall off. Depends on the bank. Also looks like they removed the LE from the site so...At least that was updated. Darn I should not have sat on ordering that.

  • @TyrandesQuiver Yes they did. Its shows deducted from my checking account with Funimations name. Basically a debit. I also thought it was a hold but it processed.

  • My order was cancelled without explanation as well and when I went to support and the agent said "We are seeing a number of reports that are similar to your report of this issue. We are currently investigating this issue. We will update you when we have more information. " I went through paypal to pay for the order so nothing was taken out of my account but I'm still not happy.

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