Discotek Media Discussion Thread

  • Welcome to the new Discotek Media discussion thread (now with less complaining about superficial packaging).

    First up we have if you still want want DVD or SDBD for non-HD mastered series.

    The poll will end on the 19th.

    Do you want DVD or SDBD? Vote now!
    We are thinking about no longer creating DVD collections for long anime TV series. Classic series and also titles that have been released before on DVD but don't have HD masters. For example, a long series like Marmalade Boy would only come out as an SDBD collection with 2 Blu Ray discs in standard definition, and not seperate DVD sets.
    Also, if the title has HD masters, then there might be a more expensive HD Blu Ray set, and a lower priced SDBD set. No DVD sets will be created.
    Reasons for doing this would be: Less discs in the collection, lower price compared to multiple DVD sets, BD discs are more durable then DVDs, consumers prefer BD for future purchases, BD subtitles look nicer than DVD subtitles, title was already released on DVD in the past, easy to store taking up less space.
    Movies, OVAs, and shorter TV series in standard definition would still get separate DVD releases or DVD/BD combo packs for the foreseeable future. Brand new titles that were created in HD will be released Blu Ray only.

  • I mostly prefer Blu-Rays since they're becoming the norm these days with Ultra HD 4K Discs.

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