Navigational woes...

  • This used to be the previous view, in particular, take note of where the clock, tag, flame, and magnifying glass are situated over to the right:

    0_1518523396305_Previous view.JPG

    However, what i am now seeing in both my older and newer version of Chrome which is aggravating to say the least:

    0_1518523628984_Current View.JPG

    Notice how those same icons are now spread down the page. The problem with that is, that it shrinks the view for the below posts. Also, what's with the wonky purple outline around Zethus' post? We never had that before. Additionally, with things situated the way they are, we have LOST that button that would magically appear when the window was shrunken to set your online status. Remember this?:

    0_1518524056349_Button that allowed you to set online status.JPG

    Further, with this new organization, your profile avatar will be obfuscated:

    0_1518524184962_New look covering up profile pic.JPG

    I swear, every time a site update takes place, i just don't know what's going to go haywire next...


    P.S.- I've also noticed some oddities with the "reply" functionality in my older version of Chrome. I can no longer reply generally, rather, i have to reply to myself. It's weird, like two orange plus signs (see image below) will load at the bottom of the page:

    0_1518524872502_Orange plus sign.JPG

    Not to keep piling on, but, login through IE 11 version: 11.192.16299.0 is still not possible, which is disappointing.

  • Even in the newest Chrome that i'm using with Win 10, the reply function is wonky. An orange plus sign will appear at the bottom of your screen, but, no window to type! I have to then re-size my browser window to see the reply window. Yup. Not sure what the heck happen in that last update, but, things need to go back to the way they were ASAP. (laughs) ;-)

  • Hi Galaxy,

    Good to see something was done about it... ;-) (laughs)

    Anyway, i'm even more concerned now that FUNimation might have fallen victim to the recent CryptoCurrency Attack. Did you happen to see my post here:

    Gizmodo recently explained that thousands of sites were hit.


  • 0_1519066931897_Pane that disappeared.jpg

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