Anime stumper solved.

  • In the comments section, someone asked for the origin of this: Well, i must say, that was tiresome. After i would say, a solid three days of research, and (key word) attempting to translate the lyrics from Japanese, apparently those guys did a parody of the second opening of Higurashi, (Kai) by Eiko Shimamiya entitled, “Naraku no Hana” or flower of hell. The full clip of those guys can be seen here: Although i’ve seen Higurashi on the shelves at the bookstore, never followed it that closely, so, i wasn’t able to answer this question instantaneously like some of you might have been able to do. It was also a let down that such an awesome musical composition centered from such a dark series…

    I would also add, that if people are going to assemble these compilations on YouTube, it would make things colossally easier if attribution was given.


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